Classic Double Dragon Arcade Game from 1987! Spike & Hammer Save The World -

Classic Double Dragon Arcade Game from 1987! Spike & Hammer Save The World

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We got in this awesome Double Dragon arcade game, and filmed a video for all of our youtube fans!

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  1. Hey hi thanks for this video on YouTube, but I want this game machine 2 numbers in Oman at Muscat. If there's a way to buying it.
    Thanking you

  2. I have an original DD with the Taito design on both sides of the cabinet. You’re right about the push buttons’ built-in micro switch not lasting long. My control panel button placement design is off too. I’m guessing this was pretty common. Nice restore!

  3. Daaammmnnn bro !!!!
    I finish all game with 1 life! Just use elbow

  4. Is this hardware inside original? or is it emulation?

  5. the elbow is the strongest move in this game

  6. My god, played this in a seafront arcade 33 years ago with my older brother and loved it, In all this time I never knew they were originally called Spike and Hammer, Its true you learn something new everyday. Thank you and a great job restoring it by the way.

  7. I spent a bunch of quarters on this game lol ah memories

  8. Kick and punch that's how the elbow was executed

  9. I love Double D my favourite the most effective move is the elbow get you through the whole game

  10. Why are these so hard to find havent seen one in 15 years or more

  11. My first memory of visiting arcades as a kid was this game. I couldn't source one here so ended up building a replica based on photos off the Internet, using the original PCB’s, bezel and marquee. Went so far as adding the cardboard box in the bottom draw to house the gameboard and fashioned mounts to enable the screen to flip out (maintenance mode) and switch between vertical/horizontal (understanding is this Cab was used for other games). Now my two boys get to enjoy it as much as I did as a kid!

  12. If I ever won the lottery (Better chance of seeing the devil), I'd buy an 18 Wheeler, Ferrari F355 Challenge and a Chase HQ for my gaming room.

  13. The slowdown is definitely the game itself. I ran it on a emulator and it still slows down regardless of my cpu power

  14. Man I love this game,the NES version was brilliant and I still play it to this day…..such a great game.
    Thanks for posting.

  15. My uncle has a Double Dragon arcade cabinet in his basement, but (at the time of making this comment) it's broken. When it's turned on, the screen is a jumbled mess of random pixels. He thinks it's the monitor. He bought a new one, but (at the time of making this comment) he hasn't gotten around to replacing the old monitor.

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