Classic Double Dragon Arcade Game from 1987! Spike & Hammer Save The World -

Classic Double Dragon Arcade Game from 1987! Spike & Hammer Save The World

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We got in this awesome Double Dragon arcade game, and filmed a video for all of our youtube fans!

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  1. 11:54 you can jump forward and do a mid air kick,. Then you can also do a standing jumping side kick, it's abit like the head but it's hard to land

  2. 12:49 🤣 dudes like big deal you got a whip I've got a knife 🔪💨 then you get the knife and the white bad guy is hiding behind the brown bad guy thinking hehe I'll be safe here but he gets killed as well,🤣 then Abobo starts beating the stuffing out of you , then the little brown enemy guys like give me a turn and stands infront of Abobo and beats you up to

  3. Out of interest were there still plenty of these machines around? They must of made a ton of them , even in new zealand they were everywhere, takeaway bars, adventure parks, arcades, outside shops etc I remember seeing an episode of cops where some guys were playing this game the camera man filmed the game

  4. This was my game back in the day. I have the pcb now.

  5. Double Dragon is great! Thinking about picking this up for my PlayChoice 10.

  6. this is the first game I played that really drew me in. and is the first game I ever saw a huge crowd gather around. and this is the first game I remember seeing where you'd put a quarter on the cabinet to wait your turn. I was about 10 when this came out and I loved playing it. still one of my favorite games of all time. what year were you born? I was born in 78. and I think only people who grew up around this time and saw it first hand can appreciate just how important this game is and was.

  7. To me they'll always be Hammer & Spike…or Bimmy & Jimmy lol.

  8. I had the Sega Master System version of this game when i was little, i never got a chance to play the more popular NES one until high school when i found about emulators.

    Since multi game arcade machines are also popular its suprising they never did one for the Double Dragon series, have the trilogy in one cabinet

  9. Are you sure those aren't just tatoos on their arms in the bezel art and their names are Billy and Jimmy? Does it call them Spike and Hammer in the game?

  10. My all time favorite, got lucky to buy one 15 years ago when they were not to expensive.

  11. I have Double Dragon in its original cab and art work. It has been converted to a 421 in 1 with a lcd. It is a good conversion cab with the 2 player set up, multi buttons and the pull out bottom draw to access the menu on the computer board. I believe this is the first beatem up 2 player scrolling game. Looks good with all black on the sides, mine has the original, kinda ugly Taito side art that has faded.

  12. indeed a true classic many of quarters were lost do to the continues and 2 player option for this game heh

  13. Reverse Elbow is your best friend in this game. 😀

  14. You know the Arcade business better than me. I am kinda surprised more people don’t own one. I was born in the early 70s and grew up being dropped off at the mall and played for hours at the arcades 😄. I own 2 and got into it with a friend who has around 15! He made me a buddy deal and I’m hooked. What I have found is that I’m popular with all the Dads and kids in the neighborhood. Kids love ( especially girls 😄) love playing my Double Dragon 2 player fighting games (KOF, Street Fighter, etc). The 10 year old girls like to beat up the boys and usually win. My wife and her friends all like Frogger, Mario, Tetris, PAC Man. It seems most guys say their wife doesn’t want one and that they are worried if it breaks, how do you fix it? When I was a kid most Dads had big and expensive pool tables. For the amount of space and multi games and price I think these arcades are great value. I like that my kids get to play some old school 8-bit games 👍🏻👍🏻. They laugh at the blocky graphics but love the interaction with the joy sticks, inserting quarters and easy to understand 80s game play.

  15. Chaz's Arcade Gameplay & Restorations says:

    Awesome! Damn jump… lmao

  16. guys and there cigs always burning the control panels dam shame

  17. Hello, is it possible to give me the measurements of this cabinet please?

  18. Hey man , did you sell the arcade ? How can I contact you ?

  19. A blue T-moulding and a red T-moulding would've been cool on this.

  20. Hi Joe. Love the channel. I own two of these. One with a gray color/orange, yellow and white side art and another cab with a black/red, gray and white side art. Were there two releases and if so, which was first? What does one of these cabinets run nowadays?

  21. I had really fond memories of this one as a kid but I have to say that I played it recently and it hasn't aged all that well imo. Has probably the worst slow down if any game of all time lol

  22. Button Bashing at its best !!! lol
    I love this game… and like you said "Music is Awesome"..
    They dont make them like this any more…

  23. Oh wow, i remember as the DD Arcade came to our small Town in Germany around 1989! It was THE Hit, we were sitting the whole Day in front of the Machine looking or playing

  24. It looks so much different on an original monitor than it does on LCD screens with MAME

  25. Spent so much money on that game
    Used to play it with my cousin
    My fav move was the elbow punch

  26. Loved this game.Especially the music.Brilliant 👍

  27. In the NES version, they have the Japanese names right?

  28. My uncle has a Double Dragon arcade cabinet in his basement, but (at the time of making this comment) it's broken. When it's turned on, the screen is a jumbled mess of random pixels. He thinks it's the monitor. He bought a new one, but (at the time of making this comment) he hasn't gotten around to replacing the old monitor.

  29. Man I love this game,the NES version was brilliant and I still play it to this day…..such a great game.
    Thanks for posting.

  30. The slowdown is definitely the game itself. I ran it on a emulator and it still slows down regardless of my cpu power

  31. If I ever won the lottery (Better chance of seeing the devil), I'd buy an 18 Wheeler, Ferrari F355 Challenge and a Chase HQ for my gaming room.

  32. My first memory of visiting arcades as a kid was this game. I couldn't source one here so ended up building a replica based on photos off the Internet, using the original PCB’s, bezel and marquee. Went so far as adding the cardboard box in the bottom draw to house the gameboard and fashioned mounts to enable the screen to flip out (maintenance mode) and switch between vertical/horizontal (understanding is this Cab was used for other games). Now my two boys get to enjoy it as much as I did as a kid!

  33. Why are these so hard to find havent seen one in 15 years or more

  34. I love Double D my favourite the most effective move is the elbow get you through the whole game

  35. Kick and punch that's how the elbow was executed

  36. I spent a bunch of quarters on this game lol ah memories

  37. My god, played this in a seafront arcade 33 years ago with my older brother and loved it, In all this time I never knew they were originally called Spike and Hammer, Its true you learn something new everyday. Thank you and a great job restoring it by the way.

  38. the elbow is the strongest move in this game

  39. Is this hardware inside original? or is it emulation?

  40. Daaammmnnn bro !!!!
    I finish all game with 1 life! Just use elbow

  41. I have an original DD with the Taito design on both sides of the cabinet. You’re right about the push buttons’ built-in micro switch not lasting long. My control panel button placement design is off too. I’m guessing this was pretty common. Nice restore!

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