Classic arcade games history timeline of 1980 's and 1990 's -

Classic arcade games history timeline of 1980 ‘s and 1990 ‘s

Jan Doedel
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This video contains gameplay footage from almost all the arcade games I played between the 1984 – 1994 era . The video starts from Kung fu master till Killer Instinct, and is almost in order. It took me about 8 hours to make, and it was worth it. It will bring back alot of memories of arcade gaming, so enjoy watching this video 🙂

Video contains 72 Classic Arcade games
( in order ):

01. Kung fu master
02. Flicky
03. Space Harrier
04. Hang-On
05. Outrun
06. Rolling Thunder
07. Shinobi
08. Double Dragon
09. Vigilante
10. Ninja Spirit
11. Bad Dudes vs. Dragonninja
12. Chase H.Q
13. Ghouls Ghosts
14. Narc
15. P.O.W. Prisoners of War
16. Robocop
17. Ninja Gaiden aka Shadow Warriors
18. Superman
19. Splatterhouse
20. The New Zealand Story
21. Altered Beast
22. Double dragon 2
23. Crime city
24. Crime Fighters
25. Dynasty wars
26. Golden Axe
27. Final Fight
28. Rambo 3
29. Shadow Dancer
30. Sly spy
31. Street Smart
32. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
33. Alien Storm
34. Aliens
35. Blood Bros.
36. The Combatribes
37. Double Dragon 3
38. Liquid Kids
39. Pit Fighter
40. Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker
41. Ninja Kids
42. Rolling Thunder 2
43. Smash T.V
44. Thunder & Lightning
45. Captain America and The Avengers
46. Captain Commando
47. D.D. Crew
48. Dynablaster / Bomber Man
49. Gunforce – Battle Fire Engulfed Terror Island
50. Karate Blazers
51. The King of Dragons
52. Robocop 2
53. The Simpsons
54. Street Fighter II – The World Warrior
55. Sunset Riders
56. Terminator 2 – Judgment Day
57. Three Wonders
58. Vendetta aka Crime Fighters 2
59. GI Joe
60. Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder
61. Guardians of the ‘Hood
62. Street Fighter II’ – Champion Edition
63. Mortal Kombat
64. Mutant Fighter
65. OutRunners
66. World Heroes
67. X-Men
68. Mortal Kombat II
69. Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers
70. Alien vs. Predator
71. Mortal Kombat 3
72. Killer Instinct

Everything in this video is performed and recorded by me 😉


  1. maybe someone from the early 90s/late 80s can help me ID an arcade game.  I saw it once at a Chinese restaurant back in the early 90s.  It's basically plays like MERCS or an overhead Contra level throughout.  Like Contra and Mercs, it is a shooter where you shoot soldiers and tanks, etc.  That's ALL that I remember…and it's 2 players.  Any ideas greatly appreciated. 

  2. Rolling thunder is a game name ( 0.36 to 0
    42 )

  3. Dayita Army Alone ᴗ̈ MORNING ᴗ̈ says:

    ¿alguien puede decirme el nombre del juego del minuto 01:10 donde sale un gerrero samurai en un bosque prfa?

  4. Can anyone tell me the name of the music in this vid?
    especially the one starting at 5.06?

  5. What is the name of this song? It almost sounds like Pompeii.


  6. My library is similar to urs man. Nice video

  7. Doesn't anyone remember about an old 70-80's game im looking for?  the main character was a sort of mad scientist (with white hair and white chemestry gown or coat surgery) looked like an Einstein.
    The graphic was cartoonish, ironic, big heads, and little bodies.
    The game was a 2-D ,sidescrolling ,maybe from left to right.
    The scientist -the character you did to impersonate – had a sort of spray can or spray device to spraying against monsters. The monsters were livinmg plants and vegetable monsters. When you did to spray on them , so thy died (or better came back to become seeds or small plants,etc).

    Was an amazing game! – but i dont recall the name

    BTW the name of that martial arts game at 4:09 please. I knew it but dont recall the name
    And also the one at 5:49 , that ninja with that werewolf! Cool!

  8. It was a game i loocking for a old arcade game aboot a player and two players cop op that you start. Shooting walking monsters on a open maze then is frog's and worms and dragon's and all coming from a box very funny and do not the name the monsters where blue at the start
    Many many mazes

  9. Whoa, I forgot about some of these.  Thanks for the video.

  10. This kinda picks up around where my video "The Golden Age Of Arcade Games" leaves off.

  11. what is the name of the game in 0,40 please…

  12. Hi Jan, great compilation, it covers almost exactly the best games from y times.
    Could you please tell me what is the name of the game that begins in this compilation from 3:20 to 3:30 minutes ? i used ti play it a lot, and haven't seen it for ages ?
    The one with the warrior that rides those birds with tails, and fight giants with hammers, and then casts a spell when he throws a magic urn to the air ?

  13. I still have some of them as Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Captain Commando, King Of Dragons, Robocop, Street Fighter, Altered Beast, Asterix, Cabal, Carrier Air Wing, Dragon Master, Final Fight, Knights Of The Round, Martial Champion, Rastan, Pang, Power Instinct, Rod-Land, Savage Reign, Shinobi, Silk Worm (The jeep and the heli – my favorite from all) , Snow Bros and Snow Bros 2, Super Qix, The Punisher, Tumble Pop, Twin Bee, Warriors Of Fate, Zed Blade… There is more but I just wrote those I play often 🙂

  14. Can some body please tell me the name of this two games at 1.49-1.56 and 4.4-4.12 please

  15. i was about to click on the thumb up image, but then your face suddenly appeared at the end of the video D:

  16. name of the game the minute 7.18 plis

  17. Awesome video. I loved all these games too. So much memories

  18. What about Street Fighter 1 or Haunted Castle

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