Classic Arcade Games From the 80's -

Classic Arcade Games From the 80’s

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  1. Galaga and Pacman and Berzerk and a few other legend games spent my childhood playing them how cool we had it go 80s never to forget oh hail the greatest decade of all time

  2. Random recommendations….. Ai gone mad … it must be a sign

  3. Phoenix moon cresta galaxian Pac-Man plenty 10p pieces were spent

  4. Don't forget foosball, air hockey and pinball machines…

  5. I want all of those quarters back. I'd be rich.

  6. of the games on here I have phoenix and zaxxon.

  7. Im trying to find a game I played in the 80s. It was a top view & In it your character went up the screen & the weapon you had looked like you were waving white handkerchief in front of you. If you missed the enemy it would stick to you & slow you down for a while. When you got to the 'Big Boss' at the end of the stage he was like this massive red buddah/demon looking guy who would fire down lightning bolts at you. Can anyone remember this?? Ive looked at all the 'classic 80s Games' clips on Youtube & its nowhere to be found.

  8. We used to get our dopamine fix from arcade games. Now we get it from smartphones

  9. I had a CD of the old Atari games from the late 70s and early 80s on my Hewlett-Packard computer in the late 90’s and had classic midway games in the 1980s on PlayStation. Is there anyway to still play these games other than trying to search out a vintage arcade?

  10. Name of the game at 2.06…and 3.24 plz

  11. I am SiniStar. Beware, I live! RUN RUN RUN, I hunger.

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