Classic Arcade Games From the 80's -

Classic Arcade Games From the 80’s

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  1. Thanks for this! Now I have prime remix material.

  2. Y dose the car sound like it's farting?????

  3. Hi there! Does anyone recall the name of an 80's arcade game as the one I'm looking for?
    It was a sort of Beat'em Up with horizontal scrolling (direction was left to right)
    Your character was a Robot with Boxing gloves. There was planets. 8 maybe.
    There was a Planet Mushroom where enemies were living mushroom. The Boss had a Mushroom-head.
    Your character could punch or kick.
    No lasers ,no guns.
    A sort of Soldier of Light but different. Characters were bigger.
    Any ideas?

  4. Everybody loves the old classic games from their youth… We were young and video games, especially in the 80's were exciting part of our pop culture. Seeing the games now takes us back to our youth, a time we cherish!!

  5. 6:50 Which game is this? I remember playing this tons of times with my friends.

  6. I used to have this game as a kid that was like a huge compilation of 80s games like these on it. Does anyone know the name of anything like that???

  7. 80's video games….is there anything better in the world?

  8. Can someone please tell me the name of the game after Defender? 8 minutes and 14 seconds in. I loved this game so much!!

  9. 1632… Is that a year or something? No Chunk… It's your top score on Pole Position.

  10. Aww Pole Position isn't any fun without the real Japanese being spoken.

  11. What is the name of the second to last game in the video, with the "doomsdome" level?

  12. Oh my, if only I had the forth wit to invest all the quarters I dumped into all those games. LOL!!

  13. Mr Do was one of my all time favourites – along with Pac Man Galaxians, Marble Madness, Tron, Gorf, and Space Harrier'. All the others brought back so many memories for me.

  14. 80's Arcade Games it's fun to play when i was 18 year old

  15. You show Qbert but not him dying? You're a total @!#?@!

  16. Oh how I miss those incredible days in the "Golden Era of Arcade Games". I was 15 in 1981 at the height of the video arcade days and it was wonderful. There was nothing like going down to the video arcade at the local mall and spending an afternoon playing a myriad of video games. Everyone had their favorites. We held "tournaments" on Friday and Saturdays and all you played for was "bragging rights". But being known as the "master" of a particular video game was big stuff back then (LOL). It was a local hang out for many a teens in the 1980's. I still remember when Space Invaders came to our local Jiffy Food Store (similar to a 7-11). As word spread that the game had arrived, literally the entire neighborhood showed up in droves at the Jiffy Store to get his/her turn on this newfound video "wonder" that morphed into a true phenomenon over the next 4 or 5 years after that. Then, a year later Donkey Kong showed up at the same store. WOW, what a craze that caused. Then on to Pac Man, Joust, Ms. Pac Man, Dig Dug, Moon Patrol (A particular favorite of mine), Star Trek, where you sat in an enclosed game pod piloted the Enterprise and Mr. Spock stated "Welcome Aboard Captain" when you inserted the quarter. Another game I particularly liked was called Gyruss. A type of space game where you traveled from Planet to Planet upon finishing each level. It was a challenging but particularly fun game. Wow I spent a lot of quarters in that game over the years. There was even a video game centered around the rock group JOURNEY at the time, which was actually a pretty good game and you even got to hear there music while playing through the various levels. And the list continues on and on with literally hundreds, if not thousands of various video arcade games of all different types. It was truly a great time in history. When a quarter dollar could bring you so much joy for the few minutes (or MANY minutes for a lot of us) could bring you. Two dollars could mean two hours of play time for some of us that were expert players. It's hard to imagine all the different sounds, beeps, bleeps, bings and boings going on (loudly) in the video arcade, but somehow, your mind could separate and drowned out all the other sounds behind you when you were transfixed on playing your particular arcade game. It's funny, many of the games were just mastering "patterns" (Pac Man has a "pattern") that you could memorize and literally play for a LONG……time. I even give credit to girlfriends at the time who may have not been particularly interested in video games, but they "put up with it" because it gave their boyfriends at the time so much joy. Girls standing around watching their boyfriends play over an hour or two, meeting with other friends. Not saying that girls didn't like playing video games because many of them did, but, for a lot of them it was watching their boyfriends play, finding a new boyfriend at the video arcade, or ditching a current boyfriend for a new beau they met at the arcade was the order of business on many a weekend night. I even saw quite a few "squabbles" between girls over boys at the local arcade. And quite a few boys fighting over a girl at the arcade. Oh, the days of the video arcade…… They are gone forever, but WOW, what a great time it was. It is a time I will cherish in my life forever.

  17. The game at 8:05 is Phoenix. Galaga and Moon Cresta were similar type games.

  18. Nice mix of games!! Truly classics. God I miss those days of hanging out in the "Game room" in the back of the local convenience store. It was great when they would get a new game every month or so. Those quarters were like gold, I was so addicted. You could actually make new friends and meet kids from different schools. And the crowds at the bowling alleys and roller skating rinks where they had a ton of games, good times!

  19. LOVED Zaxxon! The evil robot at the end was the BANE of my existance!


  20. I am SiniStar. Beware, I live! RUN RUN RUN, I hunger.

  21. Name of the game at 2.06…and 3.24 plz

  22. I had a CD of the old Atari games from the late 70s and early 80s on my Hewlett-Packard computer in the late 90’s and had classic midway games in the 1980s on PlayStation. Is there anyway to still play these games other than trying to search out a vintage arcade?

  23. We used to get our dopamine fix from arcade games. Now we get it from smartphones

  24. Im trying to find a game I played in the 80s. It was a top view & In it your character went up the screen & the weapon you had looked like you were waving white handkerchief in front of you. If you missed the enemy it would stick to you & slow you down for a while. When you got to the 'Big Boss' at the end of the stage he was like this massive red buddah/demon looking guy who would fire down lightning bolts at you. Can anyone remember this?? Ive looked at all the 'classic 80s Games' clips on Youtube & its nowhere to be found.

  25. of the games on here I have phoenix and zaxxon.

  26. I want all of those quarters back. I'd be rich.

  27. Don't forget foosball, air hockey and pinball machines…

  28. Phoenix moon cresta galaxian Pac-Man plenty 10p pieces were spent

  29. Random recommendations….. Ai gone mad … it must be a sign

  30. Galaga and Pacman and Berzerk and a few other legend games spent my childhood playing them how cool we had it go 80s never to forget oh hail the greatest decade of all time

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