Classic 1982 Nintendo Popeye Arcade Game ! Gameplay, Artwork, Design video! -

Classic 1982 Nintendo Popeye Arcade Game ! Gameplay, Artwork, Design video!

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We got in this beautiful Popeye Arcade Game a few weeks ago, a really under rated Nintendo classic! Check out the video!

We got in a cool Buck Rogers pinball machine straight out of the arcades of 1980! Video shows design, artwork, gameplay.

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  1. You suck at Popeye! But I still got love for you!

  2. How much is this valued at? I have one of these, fully functional. 1982

  3. This arcade game is based on the comic strips and animated cartoons of the same name.
    This game was coincide with the 1980 movie Popeye starring Robin Williams.

  4. Love, love these older cabinets! So nostalgic & beautiful! Nintendo should remake these or slightly smaller versions, sort of like 1up arcades but not as cheap…

  5. Awesome machine. Can't wait to get my hands on one. Looking for any Nintendo dedicated cabinet, plan on owning them all.

  6. Can I purchase this? How many pounds does this weigh?

  7. Joe did you buy your self some popeye spinish at your local supermarket how is it

  8. I agree a very underrated game. Was one of my favorites when I was a kid. Never realized how beautiful the cabinet was.

  9. Now I did not know that piece of history. I learned something. 🤓

  10. Beautiful machine… One of my favourite looking cabs

  11. SweetPea was found on Popeye's doorstep! Thanks for the memories of 1000 lost quarters…will stop in your shop next time I'm up from Columbia!

  12. Weird! I saw on the games where they said Brutus. I always heard it as Bluto. So I googled it and it was Bluto. Wonder why they put Brutus on the game?

  13. Very nice collection. Man, y'all should make a museum of the 80s . I loved this game . Was one of my favorites among kung fu master, donkey kong, the fast Mrs pacman, gorf, and etc,, now that I think about it. Definately, my childhood growing up in the 80s revolved heavily around the Gold Mine in Oglethorpe Mall, in Savannah, listening to Steve Perry belting out " don't stop" in the arcades background music. Good times, good times.. I'll have to hit y'all up, sometimes definitely, after I finish up my child support obligations 😂. I might have to treat myself to one of them, definitely…

  14. The girder theme also comes from Popeye. Not sure if it is exactly true or not but I did read that Miyamoto's favourite Popeye cartoon was the one where Popeye is trying to rescue a sleeping-walking Olive Oyl who manages to scale a building site and has many sequences involving girders.

  15. Is that Bluto or Brutus? I seem to think the later Popeye cartoons call him Brutus (or maybe it was a separate but similar character?) The baby is named Sweet Pea and I believe he is a orphan.

  16. oh, that is a thing of Beauty ….

  17. Omg this is the first game I remember playing!

  18. I played that game on the colecovision when I was young just a fun game to play!

  19. I remember playing this a long long time ago!

  20. Oh man, I loved this game. One of my all time faves. I had the high score on it for what seemed like a couple of years.

  21. Request: pepper 2 arcade game pls

  22. interesting that the cabinet calls him Brutus instead of Bluto!

  23. Well, i am 14 and I can say the baby is Sweet'pea, and the way bluto is drawn on the cabinet, I think he is the newer one from the 60's. I think at that time he was called Brutus.

  24. This was one of my favourite games when I was a kid in the 1980s. We had the Atari 2600 version (we still have it but it is in storage now). I bought an arcade cocktail table that has this game included, so I play it on that now. To this day, if someone mentions Popeye, I have to tell them about this game!

  25. The resolution is high on this one for the time back then.

  26. I think I just bought the same Popeye arcade. It also has cigarette burns on the overlay.

  27. This is a game even SMB NES Fanboys are unaware of let alone most retro-gamers who don't look for Nintendo stuff. A revolutionary machine with hi resolution interlaced graphics and supremely playable. Sadly not enough screens for home gaming but a great option when stuck in the arrivals lounge waiting for relatives at the airport or whilst the cook was frying your fishcake and chips in the local fish and chips shop.

  28. lol love the sounds it makes when he climbs downstairs.

  29. I remember Popeye back in the day. I use love the cartoon and arcade game.

  30. seems like the arcade version is way harder cause in the home its pretty easy and bluto is even slower

  31. オリジナルキャビネットシャーロックハウンドアーケードゲーム(1992 TMS、任天堂、コナミ)

  32. Got a chance to play an original cabinet recently, though sadly the monitor was so unstable it was difficult to play without getting a headache.
    Shame this game is trapped in licensing purgatory so we'll probably never see a official rerelease of the arcade original or its ports.

  33. One of the best cabinets and games in my opinion.

  34. Beautiful cabinet , i only played it in standard version but boy i played it well , i remember Nintendo firebird and donkey Kong had a similar to this one

  35. 6:00 I thought it was more spinach,. Was wonder why they put it around the buttons

  36. 6:58 tub on head, lol doesn't sound that bad, there's a rugby team here where all there fans wear green buckets on the heads with a cut out so they can see and drink lol, manawhatu supporters,

  37. Such a fun filled game! The colors are so bright! Thanks for the great video! 👍

  38. If we lived in an alternate universe were nintendo got the license for popeye and didn't make donkey kong what would popeye jr be like? Would Brutus be in a cage like donkey kong? Would popeye be a villain? Would have the popeye arcade game been successful in the first place? Who knows? Its a mystery.

  39. It's a carbon copy essentially to Donkey Kong / Jr or based off of Donkey. I know it's different somewhat but I remember this game now.

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