Classic 1982 Mr. Do Dedicated Arcade Game Cabinet from Universal -

Classic 1982 Mr. Do Dedicated Arcade Game Cabinet from Universal

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  1. Super game , has more strategy to it than the similar dig dug , rock n' rope was another good one

  2. Awesome, reminds me of Dig Dug.
    This one looks more fun though. Giggity Giggity.

  3. That’s one of my most favourite games. The music and game play is so addictive. Maybe one day I will have one in my collection.

  4. I spent many a quarter to get pretty good at the game. 😀

  5. Yessss awesome game and a sexual cabinet. I love the Universal shape and graphics.

  6. I was an arcade junkie, but never played this. I think I even remember seeing it, but it must have not gotten my quarters for some reason.

  7. Collecting the object in the center temporary freezes the normal monsters awards bonus points and releases what ever letter was highlighted at the time as letter monster and its blue 3 defenders, kill the letter monster get awarded its letter, collect all 5 to spell extra and earn an extra life , Kill the last normal monster or eat all the cherry's and it completes the round even if the letter monster gang is active on the level.. The rare short lived diamond awards a extra game credit,, (or as quite often the case the greed of one trying to grab it lures you to your death), the joystick was always thrashed on this game from tactic of people slamming a quick reverse direction ball shot on monsters trying to corner the player.. lot of fun memory's with this game,

  8. Wow, I used to play this at a campground. It was a dedicated machine, and sat right next to a Galaga cabaret.
    Also, you get a point bonus if you collect all 8 of each group of cherries in one nonstop movement.

  9. Damn brother's y'all hitting on my nostalgia nerve!

  10. The attract mode was playing better than you, hon. 🙂

  11. Great game, a true classic from the arcade era. I play Mr. Do on a regular and it's always a challenge. The whole series…Mr. Do, Do's Castle, Do Run-Run are all a blast. Thanks for the review and keep the classic arcade game reviews coming, Semper Fi!

  12. Opening tune:
    Di da du, da di da da.
    Da da da da da.

    You just died tune:
    Di di,
    Di die,
    Die, die d, die!😂😂😂

    Or, that’s how I interpreted it to be so in da 80s!😂

  13. By the way, you’re not very good at this game!😂
    8 unbroken cherries
    Push apples
    Some apples have hidden diamonds in them (extra game free)
    The stoopid monsters are protecting extra bonus items such as, cake, popsicles, etc.
    Once they all leave it, it’s yours for the taking!
    Each ‘major’ Monster that comes out of the top header spells ‘EXTRA’ get all letters, get an extra man.
    Each ‘scene’ (LEVEL) is in a number right before your eyes… the pixels have a path shaped into a number except in the ‘tens’ they’re always shaped like one digit, 9,4, etc… (no 1)…
    I have ‘clocked’ this game (as we used to say in the 80s). Meaning, ‘turned the dial over’ bypassed the top score… back to zero… in other words… clocked.
    It’s my all time favourite.
    Thing is, I hate clowns.

  14. The game of my life, original cabinets dedicated to the pcb game rarely arrived in Italy.

  15. Izzy's Arcade has this and Dig Dug, except they're both on Free Play.

  16. Before buying a dedicated arcade cabinet (eg. Golden Axe) can I look somewhere for the screen size?

  17. i know this is a late comment but I have the cocktail table version of this and it goes half the speed as the alone stand up version. I wonder why that is. Watching you play it was very fast paced and seemed like that was not what the factory was setup to do.

  18. This was one of my favourites. There was a version with a different main character. Looked a bit like a snowman. If you watch this video again, on the top right hand side of the marquee, you can see him in the instructions area. Notice it’s not the clown Mr. Do in the pic. Love your videos thanks for bringing back the memories man.

  19. Played it at Circus Circus in Las Vegas. Loved it. Was nearby to Wizard of Wor. ;). The snowman looking one was used for the prototype. Not sure if they were ever in the wild or not.

  20. I play this almost every day on my work laptop as a distraction 😌

  21. The games i enjoyed back then ..Mr Do,Tron,Kung fu master,Salamander,Karate Champ,Yie ar Kung-Fu,Frogger,Hyper Sports,and Scrammble 🥳

  22. There is something about the shape of the Universal Cabinet. You know they were trying to set themselves apart back in the day and be some kind of competition to the giants. I'd say they did a good job. Mr. Do is a cross between Dig Dug and Pac-man with a little of its own thing thrown in. The Psychedelic coloring and design on the cabinet is one of a kind.

  23. Takes me back, do you think there is a market for ‘retro arcades’, I don’t know of any arcades with traditional arcade games, the last time I was in one was in disneyland, but that’s special.

  24. I know this is a older video. I am searching for this cabinet and wondering if you know of any others out there for sale. .
    Thanks Bryan

  25. you know it's interesting because the man on the marquee's instructions is actually the character you play as in the prototype of Mr. Do! in mame

  26. Crap. I just picked up this exact cab today and was hoping you'd show the inside of the cab. Mine is a nigh bare bones project ha. Needs so much. I just bought a Mr. Do Castle PCB. Well these are uncommon to find pics an info on, ill keep digging!
    Be well man.

  27. like the universal arcade cabinets, cosmic avenger ladybug and of course mr do they all look really good.
    this game was incredibly successful and got ported to a lot of game systems, atari 2600 colecovision atari 8-bit computers commodore 64 apple ii game boy and finally snes
    it was followed by a sequel called mr do's castle which also got ported to a lot of game systems, atari 2600 atari 5200 colecovision commodore 64 and atari 8-bit computers
    these were followed by mr do's wild ride and do run run which were not ported.

  28. Would love a Mr Do cabinet as its my favourite game of all time

  29. What would a vintage arcade such as Mr Do be worth?

  30. Hello Ron, keep up the excellent work and keep those videos coming, not far of 30 thousand now, Merry xmas from over the pond in the UK.🎅🎅🎅

  31. Dustin Diamond stood in front of this game for a photo. Rest In Peace brother.

  32. Ty Joe
    This is the very first arcade game that I played in an arcade back in 1983, I was 13 at the time. The list of mr. Dos games r, mr. Do castle, mr. Dos wild ride and mr do run run. The last games came out in 1984 and mr dos castle came out in 1983.

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