Cinematronics World Series Arcade Game from 1985 ! Gameplay, overview, artwork. -

Cinematronics World Series Arcade Game from 1985 ! Gameplay, overview, artwork.

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This is an old school Cinematronics World Series Baseball Arcade Game with the cool little spring bats that you played with. A true blast from the past, 1985 gaming goodness! See all our games for sale at !


  1. I loved this game. Does anyone know how to map the controls on MAME for this? I can't figure it out

  2. Rick Beato brought me hear but I think he played it in 1981 or so

  3. Another obscure arcade game from Cinematronics!

  4. Wow, this is the game I've been searching for! I remember spending Sundays eating pizza and playing this game for hours-on-end. Thank you!

  5. Can you run this as an emulator and still use the control panel?

  6. thank you for this one could not remember the name of it but loved playing it

  7. The last time I saw this game was at Flipper McCoy's at Virginia Beach in 2010. Before that, I hadn't seen it since 1995. Very unique controls on this one.

  8. I have that same game, but im having a problem with the screen I'm inly getting half a picture.

  9. I spent so many quarters on this cool game in high school (1991-1992). I loved the Home Run Derby part.

  10. I loved playing this game at my local 7-11, back when every place you seemed to go had at least one arcade machine in it. Even my local laundry mat had Punch Out and Dig Dug. So cool to see this one again.

  11. I loved this game, watching this makes me want to play it again!

  12. They had this at my local arcade. I have the sound of the umpire saying "out" burned into my brain. I heard that in the attract screen 1000s of times. He says it in such a memorable and distinctive way that I have not forgotten it in over 30 years.

  13. Thanks for this video. Brought back memories of NY favorite game in high school. At 4:30 you talk about the chip that could be inserted on the front to save your stats. I actually had one of those and it was called a statistics key. Pretty cool and ahead of its time, allowing you to bring your playing history to other machines or return to the same machine and it knew your batting history. Best sports game of its time, much like the late 1970s Atari football with the trackball and Xs and Os (black and white flat-top game). Thanks for the memories.

  14. There was 8 games that used that credit noise – Baseball: The Season II, Danger Zone (shortens it to just say "Thank you"), Power Play, Redline Racer (plays it really loud for some reason), Strike Zone Baseball, Double Play: Super Baseball Home Run Derby, Viper (plays it high pitched for some reason), and World Series: The Season.
    Also, I wonder who was the guy who said "Thank you very much".

  15. this is it! the game i distinctly remember saying thank you very much every time you put in a quarter. awesome

  16. One of the best arcade games I've played. I remember playing this game for the first time in 1986 down in Orlando. One part of this game that I thought was pretty cool is that the baseball could hit the foul pole for a home run.

  17. I used to play this game in a skate shop back in the 80's. I could play two players and and throw myself fastballs down the middle so I could hit homeruns. I owned all the stats. Over 30 years ago.

  18. so ahead of its time. my dad owns this cabinet.

  19. Haha your complaints are so organic. When I hit at first I noticed that my release of the spring stick would get interrupted by my finger so it would end up in a different place than I was aiming. It looked like that was happening to you. I changed my grip so that my finger wouldn't disrupt the stick snapping back to its starting point. Also you need to be more patient and not swing at everything.

  20. I distinctly remember this game was at my local roller rink/disco back in the day. This game along with skating around the rink and a cherry Icee made the best days I can remember.

  21. Joe: (series of soft fly balls)
    CPU: (series of routine catches)
    Joe: C'MON WHAT IS THAT?!?

  22. A very Interesting Video Baseball Game From 1985-if I do say so myself-I remember this

  23. Fake Political Commercials By DeadSlash says:

    Is there a home run on here? I wanted to see one so bad! I found one @14:29

  24. I remember this game. Been searching for it since 2000 . Used to play this game at the local bowling alley in the late 80's. Wish you still had it.

  25. Thx for posting this video . I spent a lot of quarters at the arcade playing this one.

  26. I pumped MANY quarters in this game as a kid!!! Loved it. It would say "Thank you very much" every time that you put a quarter in it.

  27. Whats the best way to protect your floors if you put one of these in your home?

  28. My uncle use to own an arcade game repair shop in the 80's. I have fond memories of endless hours of playing this game, as well as many others. RIP Uncle Richard!

  29. I still love how all the speech is so energetic, like YOU"RE OUT!!!! and then there's "ball."

  30. Last time I saw this game was on University Of Ky campus. I loved this game even though it was too hard for me to play.

  31. They had this at Le Mans and I worked at Dunkin Donuts next door. I would clock in do a little work and sneak over there to play it. I loved the fact that it kept stats. I was pretty good and always near the top.

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