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Choplifter 1985 Sega Mame Retro Arcade Games

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► Choplifter 1985 Sega. Full game.

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  1. Omg.U don't know how meany years i searching this game!I remember i played in a Game hall in Hungary (i born in Hungary) and i played this game but i remember not enough just 20 hostage escape and always falt in the 3th stage,maybe 30 or more need escape.I onlye 10 years old maybe when i played now i almost 40.But so mutch good time spand this arcade game for me.

    THX so mutch now i know what need to download the MAME simulation.God bless u!

  2. When I was a kid, 85-86 approximately, in the original game the chopper had a different sound!

  3. 懐かしい。

  4. Humen; Danka danka danka danka danka danka danka

  5. UK Shipspotting & Rail Freight Channel says:

    childhood memories of playing this at the arcades in felixstowe.loved this game.

  6. Finally I found out,after so many years,what the hostages are saying:Thank you!

  7. Please tell me that afterwards you joined the Air Force! What a talent!!

  8. There's a really cheesy tactic on this. If you fly backwards and just stay in the top corner then all ground fire misses you, you just have to focus on the jets. Works for first 3 waves, then you kind of have to play normally on wave 4. I don't think the programmers knew about it.

  9. THE MEMORIES!!!!!! 😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯

  10. I think I was playing this game in my 8th grade computer class . Teacher got mad cause I was supposed to be doing my work instead of playing games. Plus I had a mean Teacher

  11. ファミコン版と比べてグラフィックが綺麗だね。

  12. Oh that music!! Talk about nostalgia! Thanks for sharing!!

  13. Wow looks so easy I remember this game being so hard 👍🌿

  14. Shoplifter is legendary with
    Spectacular graphics and STUNNING gameplay
    The levels are 2Fast 2Furious
    The action is Fast and Furious
    This is a classic arcade game with a vengeance

  15. صرلي زمان ابرم على هاللعبه

  16. Gran partida
    Es mi juego favorito y lo tengo en mi canal subido
    Gran video

  17. According to game sack, this machine is just 8bit but i doubt as the graphics & sounds seems to be 16bit,, unless only the cpu is 8bit,, or it uses 8bit chipsets along with expansions and tricks to simulate 16bit,am very curious about this.

  18. This was one of my favorite games at the arcades when I skipped school
    in the 80's….. "OVER HERE" <—seems to be missing in Mame,
    although I could be remembering wrongly?

  19. This was one of my favorite games at the arcades when I skipped school
    in the 80's….. "OVER HERE" <—seems to be missing in Mame,
    although I could be remembering wrongly?

  20. And then, you realize that the Sega Master System version is a masterpiece!

  21. It's just like the VG (video game) called: 'Speak and Rescue.'

  22. I cant find a working Choplifter ROM… Where can i get it???

  23. I remember flying backwards through caverns well. Such a good game. One trick was to rapidly hop so those tanks don’t come.
    07:15 Cheat mode engaged. 😂

  24. Back in the day, it didn't take me long to master this game. This was when Sega was gaining traction in the industry. I remember hearing the hostages screaming if they got shot or crushed by the chopper.


  26. 8/30 de la mañana ya estaba yo esperando en el local de vuelta de casa ..solo para jugar a este hermoso video juego !! Lo amaba

  27. Era un as en este juego. Hoy no paso la tercera pantalla aún. Hermosos recuerdos de la adolescencia

  28. Thank you for this i always wondered how the rest of the game was after lvl 2.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  29. This arcade game is super hard. I honesty battle with it! I'll try play this again soon.

  30. I remember my family owned one these machines and how hard this game was lol

  31. Loved the Sega Master System version, but WTF is a space mine, which flies upward in a zigzag motion from that underground silo at 1:24 ?

  32. If Sega decide to put out more Sega Ages stuff, I'd love to see this and Bank Panic. Both games deserve to be updated and preserved.

  33. Looks like you got a bit bored when the 1st level repeated at level 5! Great work getting there, this is the only time i'll get to see level 4!

  34. Why the digital USA allowed so many hostage to be capture and we only have one chopper times must be tough up on the digital hill ! Getting a digital vote for rescue opps dang even in video world old school games things remain the same Great game though back in the day !

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