CHOMP Those Ghosts PAC-MAN! Tamagotchi Tiny Arcade Video Game -

CHOMP Those Ghosts PAC-MAN! Tamagotchi Tiny Arcade Video Game

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Pac-Man Tamagotchi Tiny Arcade Video Game Unboxing & Loot Crate

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  1. Nice video but can you ask funko about when the witherd plushies are coming out

  2. I always like to love to watch Pac-Man Ghostly Adventures

  3. puppet Steve You should unbox Lego minions the rise of Gru sets.👍👍😀😀

  4. Please review the Funko Vynl Monster Cereals

  5. Puppet steve your the best toy unboxing youtubers

  6. USACartoonsArcade Legends Generations Kid est.2001 says:

    That was an awesome video because I love PAC-MAN so much!

  7. Pac-man is so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Tamagotchi X PacMan, What’s Next Tamagotchi X Sonic The Hedgehog @PuppetSteve


  10. It was a awesome video 👍 good job your videos are so good keep up the good work

  11. New video of bendy figures Please puppet steve

  12. Puppet Steve can you do a giveaway of heros of goo jitzu toys from seires 1 & 2
    Me: i want all of them but not thrash,rock jaw,tygor and viper cuz I've already got them
    Also Me: T_T

  13. it's not tamagotchi it's timagotchi but we all say it difrent

  14. Hey puppet Steve can you review Wonder Pets Toys

  15. Come on puppet Steve reviews The Wonder Pets Toys already

  16. Pappenstiel Avenue gegen Code Pokémon Triode edit photos and Pokémon Karlsruher beiden up the dark am

  17. I came from the half life vr video and I dont get why the military wanted to kill sunkist

  18. I enjoyed your video very much, as always.

  19. Pac man yay!!!!!!@@@!!!!!!I I love Pac man.

  20. Puppet steve: call the ghosts ghostbusters

    Also puppet steve: i used the ghosts to destroy the ghosts

  21. dark bonnie 87 fan / duper kirby studios says:

    Hey unbox the 40th aniversary of pacman arcade1up

  22. He took horrible care of the tamagotchi!

  23. Your videos make my day feel way better steve

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