CHOMP Those Ghosts PAC-MAN! Tamagotchi Tiny Arcade Video Game -

CHOMP Those Ghosts PAC-MAN! Tamagotchi Tiny Arcade Video Game

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Pac-Man Tamagotchi Tiny Arcade Video Game Unboxing & Loot Crate

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  1. Your videos make my day feel way better steve

  2. He took horrible care of the tamagotchi!

  3. dark bonnie 87 fan / duper kirby studios says:

    Hey unbox the 40th aniversary of pacman arcade1up

  4. Puppet steve: call the ghosts ghostbusters

    Also puppet steve: i used the ghosts to destroy the ghosts

  5. Pac man yay!!!!!!@@@!!!!!!I I love Pac man.

  6. I enjoyed your video very much, as always.

  7. I came from the half life vr video and I dont get why the military wanted to kill sunkist

  8. Pappenstiel Avenue gegen Code Pokémon Triode edit photos and Pokémon Karlsruher beiden up the dark am

  9. Come on puppet Steve reviews The Wonder Pets Toys already

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