Cheap 2 Player Arcade Machine That Takes Quarters! Pandora's Box 3D Bartop! -

Cheap 2 Player Arcade Machine That Takes Quarters! Pandora’s Box 3D Bartop!

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The Pandora Games 3D Arcade Machine has over 2,000 games including some 3D games. It can be set up to take quarters and has wifi to download more games.

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Watch my Pandora 18S 3D review here:

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  1. Coin mech is a bit pointless if you can just reach round the back and hit the menu button and put it on freeplay. I would have at least hidden it inside the cab.

  2. To get rid of the screen distortions you have to use a seperate power source. I will create a video showing the mod. But the issues stems from the shared power source for both the pandoras box and lcd monitor.

  3. I have the same machine for 1.5 year but with PB6 in it and its awesome! I have modded it with real sanwa buttons and sanwa sticks. Love it

  4. I buy same one last year with Pandora 6 and work everything well, even coin machine work great you need just set up,they have sub menu you can figure out from there,and I change the buttons with better quality,all depends how much cost on you country at good original arcade machine, because if the difference is for little money this bartop not worth better getting original stuff and better quality.🃏

  5. Marvel vs Capcom 2 runs smooth on the Dreamcast. Is the gameplay better on the Pandora apparatus?

  6. Switch the power brick to a more hefty one. I assume one brick needs to power the monitor too, so you'll need something with more amps running through than the standard light 3amp that is supplied with regular pandora machines.

  7. Madlittlepixel: "…….You can't really play Super Mario Bros with an arcade stick!"

    Me: Hold my beer!

  8. I got one of these in December. Mine doesn’t have the rear external ports and has a different box inside though. My coin accepter works great. My son plays it almost everyday. While it is far from perfect, it is pretty fun. I own a few full size arcades and a full size mame machine my brother and I built. This gets the most play by far. This is mostly because it is smaller and easier to place in a more accessible area. The weight is great, not to heavy but not so lite that it moves all over the place when playing. And so far it appears fairly durable. For the price it is a steal.

  9. Looks like magnetic interference coming from the speaker. Put some shielding around it.

  10. Realy dont need it build my bartop for just a half year ago. Slapped in a pi 3. Resolved some overheating issue because it was in an enclosed box. And there we are. Playing just fine would not trade it i for such a device. Seems to me you are showing us what not to buy. But liked the video. Thanks m8

  11. All Pandoras are horrible little emulator boxes, you really need to get Retroarch on them by modding to really enjoy them.

  12. I've only ever seen them on AliExpress and the shipping takes the the piss! It's more than the machine itself

  13. Super mario was an arcade game though. When i was a kid i would play it last because I could always beat it on 1 quarter. Id play it once I ran out of money.

  14. Do they have an 8 foot wide version to allow 6 foot "social distancing" separation between players due to the China Flu? 😁

  15. It's will be easy to Bomb , Coz, It's made in China !!!!!!

  16. Does anybody have a bar top machine recommendation? I just told my cabinet and would prefer something small like this for the kids and I to play with that won’t fall apart.

  17. I've been looking at this machine for a long time. Thank you for reviewing it. Regarding your distortion on the screen, most real arcade machines come with an isolation transformer to reduce electrical interference because they were meant for use in a commercial environment where you can have devices like blenders etc that cause noise on the electrical system. Try slapping the unit behind a UPS with line conditioning or try to wire in a 120V isolation transformer in there and see if that distortion on the display goes away.

  18. Yes you can find these at your Tilt Arcade. There's plenty of them installed to real machines

  19. I was wondering if these things were really any good or worth buying or not so I appreciate your video.

  20. I have bought the same machine and also the same issue with the Display. I changed the connection. I noticed the issue is with the VGA Signal from the Pandora Board. As you have ssen the VGA Port was "bent" into the system. I have only bought an HDMI VGA Adapter and use the HDMI Output from the Pandora Board, and I also use a HDMI Switch so that my rPi 4 can also been used ;).

  21. Nice Core Grafx Box down there on the Backdrop!

  22. Did he just say that you can't play Mario Bros. with a joystick? The original arcade machine had a joystick :I when were you born?

  23. Hi mini pickle I agree with your assessment of this arcade machine

  24. Hello. I see that on your bartop, there is on the back of the peripheral outputs the power supply, HDMI, VGA, audio/jack output and two usb port.

    And in fact, is it already like this once purchased or have you customized these peripheral outputs yourself ?

    Thank you, for your answers, have a nice day.

  25. I have the 2500 games version, same box, decor like yours. No USB slots on back except power outlet and on/off button. Sound speakers toward you below. Games run fine with 2D games. Sound not distorted. Game might go back to main menu if it’s too intense (happened only once). I’m okay with 19” as Arcade1up is 17”. It takes Chinese yuan and can set it as free to play. Joysticks and buttons are very responsive. I’m more used to round joystick as I lived in Taiwan throughout my childhood. No regrets on buying this as Arcade1Up simply taking too much space.

  26. Did you try grounding the monitor? does the plug have a ground?
    if pressing buttons effects the screen it def sounds like a ground issue. or possible a low voltage issue.

  27. Hello.

    I repeat my question.

    I see that on your bartop, there is on the back of the peripheral outputs the power supply, HDMI, VGA, audio/jack output and two usb port.

    And in fact, is it already like this once purchased or have you customized these peripheral outputs yourself ?

    Thank you, for your answers, have a nice day.

  28. Used to be lead bartender of a bar i loved. I totally woulda bought this for it and still would in the future for one lol

  29. I learnt my lesson ordered one of these for $120aud came today from scomparison its a joke what they've sent its a cheap arse kmart $20 toy if you even would pay that lol do not buy from Facebook sellers they are scammers

  30. Just bought mines pretty satisfied seems like they chopped up a lot of the qc problems you were talking about this thing is huge

  31. wish it was cheap enough to gut and stick a pc in

  32. Sounds like they shipped this with a bare min AC power supply. You may try replacing it with one with a slightly higher Amperage.

  33. Power? Why dont u buy power adapter with different volts

  34. Is it better to play on this than a 2 player console connected to a TV?

  35. Hmm…I wonder if this bartop can be modded with a supergun?

  36. Do you remember what this device is called?? The ebay link you provided doesnt work anymore

  37. you got a defected one, including a defected LED display. overall, it is a cool design.

  38. S Mario Bros started out on the arcade. I got as far as world 1-4 I think the monitor looks pretty good has that 4: 3 CRT look.

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