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Carnival 1980 Sega Mame Retro Arcade Games

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►Carnival 1980 Sega. Full Game.



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  1. シュールだなあwしかしうまい!ボーナス面まであったとは…👍

  2. Even in this game birds are jerks… Man birds never liked gamers did they?

  3. Never has a game more made me scream “Somebody get this freaking duck away from me!”

  4. This used to be in the reception area of the local swimming pool in Bedford UK. Crivens! 1980.

  5. Nice vid ~ We subbed ~ Hope you can stop by our channel ~ We play retro Atari games! We played Carnival too.

  6. 4:59 I wonder how many people even knew you could do that, or hadn't found it out by accident…

  7. Simple fun game. They should do an extensive remake of Carnival and add all games

  8. Such a simple game…but I loved it back in the day.

  9. I used to love playing this in Boscombe Pier arcade in the 80s..

  10. If you hit the other things first and then hit the bonus letters in order, you get a huge bonus…Also, it us possible to continue shooting the bear on the first two levels even after they speed up faster than your gun can move, but most people I've seen do it were at a skill level where they could turn over the score…100,000 plus…

  11. Fantastic but could never hit that bloody bear though

  12. EPIC classic arcade game. If you came of age during the arcade golden era, at some point you had to have played Carnival. I made sure I loaded this classic onto my Super Retrocade because it's a fun, relatively simple but challenging game. Thanks for all the great classic arcade videos, good stuff!

  13. Crazy to think that in the space of 5 years Sega went from games that looked like this to 3D sprite based stuff like Hang-On.

  14. Great wideo and game. Thanks for the sharing. Have a good weekend. Warm greetings, Arturo

  15. Remember playing this. Especially shooting that 🐻 bear

  16. Those crazy ducks loves to wake up and fly

  17. My Best score is 30.470

  18. I remember they had this game at KOA at the Delaware Water Gap for years!

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