Captain America and the Avengers - Arcade - Playthrough -

Captain America and the Avengers – Arcade – Playthrough

90’s Arcade Games
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This is a playthrough of the 1991 video game Captain America and the Avengers, played with the character Captain America. Created using MAME 0.145.


  1. Hah. So Red Skull got them to work for him by bribing them AND mind control.

  2. I really want to play this game on nes/snes classic mini

  3. "Don't disturb us. Why should it goes well? "

  4. 1up should’ve added this Marvel Super Heroes instead of the Punisher.

  5. Why is a giant sentinel doing in an avengers game? I thought they were xmen exclusive enemies. Awesome game though

  6. Kids today have Ultimate Alliance series. Back then we had Captain America and the Avengers, X-men Arcade, Spider-man Arcade and the Punisher Arcade.

  7. Imagine if this game were made by Konami or Capcom…..

  8. The only good the game has it is the soundtrack and the voice but the dedication flor characters and enemies Is poor. I think ir happens when ganes llike x men or others of their time has success they release quickly others lindo this but without dedication

  9. Buen juego, esta difícil y los creadores del juego tuvieron bien planeado el propósito para que en esos tiempos si querías terminar el juego tuvieras que gastar de lo difícil que era y así obtener mas dinero, método ingenioso por aquellos tiempos


  11. The Chitauri are coming, nothing will change that. What have I to fear?

  12. I remember just how hard this game could be back in the day..I actually had it on SNES..never saw it in the local arcade..there WAS a Spider-Man game though where you could play as Black Cat and it had some scroller sections alongside the beat'em up sections..also..thanks to the fighting games every time Cap does his dash attack I can't help but think "Charging Star!"

  13. The dialog is awesome in this game
    "why should it goes well?"

    Whirlwind says "You cannot escape!!"
    Then Cap replies, "You'll be the one escaping!!" ……wait wut?😂

    In outer space Cap asks Ultron, "where is the laser?*, Ultron replies with, "ask the police" 😂

    Also the fight with Ultron in outer space. I see a city outside the windows 😂

  14. Muy buenos recuerdos de mi infancia con este juego después de clases!

  15. “You’ll be the one escaping!”

  16. Too bad this game lacked healing items… (present in most beat 'em ups such as SoR)

  17. The explosion sound effect is the same one from the PC and Mac game "Armor Alley" also from 1991

  18. Still better than the 2020 cashgrab of a game

  19. My friend used to own the arcade of this game. Great times.

  20. the Cutscenes are from the comic? what numbers? i love this game, and great conversion of Sega on Megadrive.

  21. This game was my first exposure to most of these characters growing up. Brings back memories

  22. I can't believe that the Vision here from this classic arcade game would make an appearance in the MCU.

  23. Yo sólo vine a ver a Visión de Tayler Heyward😅

  24. My fondest memory of this game is always making fun of Mandarin's voice with my brother.

    Vision was my favorite to use, so I marked out when he was introduced in the MCU.

  25. Who's hear cause white vision was
    Just seen on wanda vision?

  26. Wait…isn't Redskull trapped on Vormir?

  27. Love the Claw's lil'quick appearance

  28. Cap: Avengers, assemble!
    Avengers: –
    Cap: (sigh) Leave it to meeee!

  29. 14:27 best moment in the entire game. I've been randomly saying that out loud like a retard since 1991.

  30. You cannot beat me…… hAhaahahahahahaaaaAAAA!

  31. Spoiler Alert: This is the sequel of 2021's WandaVision….

  32. Captain America Online: "Where's the Laser?" Ultron: "Ask the Police!". Who is he going to ask? The Space Police?

  33. I always played as Iron Man or Hawkeye in this game.

  34. When Data East released the game on the Super Nintendo, it doesn't have the same game play. I wonder what happen


    Captain America: I can do this all day.

  36. When I was playing this game in the arcade, I never dreamed that this game would be made into a movie.

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