Captain America and the Avengers - Arcade - Playthrough -

Captain America and the Avengers – Arcade – Playthrough

90’s Arcade Games
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This is a playthrough of the 1991 video game Captain America and the Avengers, played with the character Captain America. Created using MAME 0.145.


  1. I played this as a kid when I only knew who Cap. Was even thought I played as Hawkeye. And we didn’t get all white Vision till the Wandavision finale

  2. When I was playing this game in the arcade, I never dreamed that this game would be made into a movie.


    Captain America: I can do this all day.

  4. When Data East released the game on the Super Nintendo, it doesn't have the same game play. I wonder what happen

  5. I always played as Iron Man or Hawkeye in this game.

  6. Captain America Online: "Where's the Laser?" Ultron: "Ask the Police!". Who is he going to ask? The Space Police?

  7. Spoiler Alert: This is the sequel of 2021's WandaVision….

  8. You cannot beat me…… hAhaahahahahahaaaaAAAA!

  9. 14:27 best moment in the entire game. I've been randomly saying that out loud like a retard since 1991.

  10. Cap: Avengers, assemble!
    Avengers: –
    Cap: (sigh) Leave it to meeee!

  11. Love the Claw's lil'quick appearance

  12. Wait…isn't Redskull trapped on Vormir?

  13. Who's hear cause white vision was
    Just seen on wanda vision?

  14. My fondest memory of this game is always making fun of Mandarin's voice with my brother.

    Vision was my favorite to use, so I marked out when he was introduced in the MCU.

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