Capcom Arcade Cabinet - Trailer reveal -

Capcom Arcade Cabinet – Trailer reveal

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More than 15 Classic Capcom Arcade games are headed to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network starting on Feb. 19th! Download games individually or in discounted bundles, each with HD optimization, online multiplayer, leaderboards, unlockable rewards and multimedia extras.

See the entire Capcom Arcade Cabinet game list, release schedule, pricing and more here:

Release Date: February 19th

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  1. arcade colection?, xbox 360 0r ps3

  2. uhm they actually already are going to release it….it was announced months ago. In fact japan's psn already got it,they are just working on localizing it for n.a

  3. Haha, I appreciate this, but I knew Capcom wouldn't just release all the games together until the latest possible date.

  4. Those 3D graphics look eerily similar to The Emulator "RetroCopy"

  5. i know they said they were re-releasing in japan but no where else. Can you show me a link to where it says they're going to re-release in the U.S.?

  6. Looks interesting. I'M $OLD!!!!! I 3 Capcom!!!! They could make a game out of dog shit, AND I'D STILL SUPPORT THEM! Hahahahahahahaha… 😀

  7. The only dislikes are from people born in 2000 or later.

  8. I'm throwing bills at my monitor but nothing happens! Please Capcom, take my money!

  9. I already have a Capcom Arcade Cabinet. Its called MAME.

  10. They need to e pans their library something fierce to get my money.

  11. Where's Giga Wing? Progear? Mega Man The Power Battle?

  12. it was obvious none of there fighting games would be in the but i had my fingers crossed for an alpha or something you'll actually wanna go back to

  13. this sucks. they keep re-releasing some of these games and leaving others out, son son is being re-relased AGAIN while, Son son 2 which is a nice game was never released again.

  14. if only capcom really went back in time and became the great capcom from 90s early 2000s… 🙂

  15. capcom….. really…. MJMAST3RII have a point….. a very god one… i like this games but…. i have emulators…. if you put CvSNK 2 Online…. i willl buyed with no questions so please put attetion and stop crapcom and more CAPCOM!!

  16. I was really hoping MERCS would be on here. One of my all-time favorite Capcom classic arcade games

  17. I'm not wasting my time with this because I already have ALL of those, and buying this would only give Crapcom more money and I'm not buying anything from them again after what they did to poor Megaman! And I love how this is only for PS3 and 360 and not the Wii U. Another epic fail.

  18. Who asked anyway?

    Good luck playing then online!

  19. I don't play online. I play on my retro gaming systems.

  20. I just think it's sad too see so many complaints, when Capcom finally do something very good for us.

    I think it's awesome to have classics in my ps3, there are many people who loves to be able to play then on their console… and the online support is a great appeal to me.

  21. I have Capcom Classics Collection 1 and 2 for the PS2 and Remixed & Reloaded for the PSP, so I don't need it, and buying this will only fill C(r)apcom's greedy, corporate pockets. And SEGA>Capcom

  22. Well, sorry if a company wants to MAKE MONEY.

    And you may not understand this, but I can play these games anytime in my emulator, but I thinks it's much better on my ps3.

    And understand that online play is really important to some people.

    My God, Capcom is nothing compared to EA, and they are learning their lesson from latest fails…

  23. They simply can't due to contract issues.

  24. I will purchase all of then if the price is Fair!

  25. Cool! too bad I have these on my ps2. It's still nice to know I can download them on to my ps3. I wouldn't mind a Capcom Classics Collection for the ps3, downloading can be annoying sometimes.

  26. Why is this a 400MP game when i havent even picked which ones i want to play…. i have to pay just for the game and then pay again for certain games….? O.o thanks Capcom for fucking us even more.

  27. If they Capcom doesn't have the rights then how come Japan got a re-release of the game?

  28. Remember when Mega Man Universe and Mega Man Legends 3 got canceled?

  29. Hey Capcom when are you guys gonna start listening to the fans that don't play fighting games, I'm hurt with what the company employees feel about Survival Horror, which is one series that blows and then there is also the fact that you guys dropped Megaman like a bad habit, and then you guys can't make a complete game, it hurts to see where this company is going, let me guess that when RE:Revelations comes out we probably gonna have to pay extra for something that is already on disc -_-

  30. japan and america have different copyright systems

  31. I guess the only plus of such release to a hardcore is online game

  32. Why did you put it in the free-to-play category if you have to purchase the games first?

  33. Does anyone know what the music playing in this trailer?

  34. I need to know if Jojo's Bizzare Adventure is on here.

  35. So no street fighter? No captain commando? No final fight? No king of dragons? I could go on.

  36. then will have what a certain dj would say another one in 2021

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