Capcom Arcade Cabinet - Trailer reveal -

Capcom Arcade Cabinet – Trailer reveal

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More than 15 Classic Capcom Arcade games are headed to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network starting on Feb. 19th! Download games individually or in discounted bundles, each with HD optimization, online multiplayer, leaderboards, unlockable rewards and multimedia extras.

See the entire Capcom Arcade Cabinet game list, release schedule, pricing and more here:

Release Date: February 19th

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  1. then will have what a certain dj would say another one in 2021

  2. So no street fighter? No captain commando? No final fight? No king of dragons? I could go on.

  3. I need to know if Jojo's Bizzare Adventure is on here.

  4. Does anyone know what the music playing in this trailer?

  5. Why did you put it in the free-to-play category if you have to purchase the games first?

  6. I guess the only plus of such release to a hardcore is online game

  7. japan and america have different copyright systems

  8. Hey Capcom when are you guys gonna start listening to the fans that don't play fighting games, I'm hurt with what the company employees feel about Survival Horror, which is one series that blows and then there is also the fact that you guys dropped Megaman like a bad habit, and then you guys can't make a complete game, it hurts to see where this company is going, let me guess that when RE:Revelations comes out we probably gonna have to pay extra for something that is already on disc -_-

  9. Remember when Mega Man Universe and Mega Man Legends 3 got canceled?

  10. If they Capcom doesn't have the rights then how come Japan got a re-release of the game?

  11. Why is this a 400MP game when i havent even picked which ones i want to play…. i have to pay just for the game and then pay again for certain games….? O.o thanks Capcom for fucking us even more.

  12. Cool! too bad I have these on my ps2. It's still nice to know I can download them on to my ps3. I wouldn't mind a Capcom Classics Collection for the ps3, downloading can be annoying sometimes.

  13. I will purchase all of then if the price is Fair!

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