Can You Name Classic Arcade Games By Their Sound? - Game Scoop! -

Can You Name Classic Arcade Games By Their Sound? – Game Scoop!

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See if your ears remember the big games of the ’80s.


  1. Gyruss and Donkey Kong Jr. both use Toccata and Fugue in D Minor

  2. Does anyone know the name of the game that have background music sounding like Royksopp's Remind me, or part of the price is right background music?

  3. 10 for 10, and knew it before they even said it. EZPZ. Deeper cuts next time.

  4. Got all ten of them the second I heard them.

  5. Recognized all instantaneously.

    What is my life

  6. Any video with these guys together is practically unwatchable. They should really lay off the Adderall and try to allow at least one of them to say a complete sentence without cutting each other off.

  7. Dig Dug is my all time favourite classic arcade game. No way I was missing that. Its also the only one I got correct lol.

  8. I got all of them right and I was born in 2012

  9. damn man, wings of redemption didnt even give me a chance.

  10. The only one I got quickly was Ghosts & Goblins.

  11. i got all but gyrus(however u spell it)

  12. I only got 1942 faster than the bald guy because I FUCKING LOVE 1942 even though i was born in 1999, its awesome…

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