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Burger Time arcade game

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Burger Time video arcade game released in 1982
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  1. y u no know how to play?!?! catch the enemies on the ingredients and send them to their sandwichy dooooom!!!

  2. This game was ahead of it's time, it predicted Pepper Spray before there was such a thing!

  3. I'm having flashbacks of playing this game in primary school with my friends

  4. I own this arcade game. It cost me about 300-or 350 back in the late 80's. Still works well, unlike the Mappy Arcade game that I own.
    Used to have Pac Man Jr. and Robotron too.
    But the game I really loved was Joust. Never had a chance to get that one. Oh well.

  5. Has anyone ever gotten past level 3 on this game???  I have never been able to and I have an emulator here at home!

  6. I also thought a red wagon also occasionally comes out in this game. maybe a different game?

  7. You can also drop hot dogs and eggs by waiting after you've dropped two parts of patty, bun, etc. They follow onto it with you and you drop them to their deaths. Video doesn't really show a lot.

  8. I used to play it way better, you should wait for them to follow you and walk on the ingredient and then dropping them with it to the plate, that brings you much higher score, I remember hitting 1000000, start doing that with the lower ones, and go up.

  9. I loved this game back in the day…Only one problem…I couldn't help but burst into laughter playing it whenever I was stoned, and the G/F at the time was in the arcade with me… I got decked a few times for that, too! 😀

  10. oh burgertime. how I loved and hated you

  11. i miss playing this game the last time played this was back in 1986 on the atari

  12. this game really easy but it's also challenging just watch and study movement

  13. This guy should have seen what would happen if he stepped through an ingredient while one or more enemies were walking on that ingredient!

  14. Games like this and Tapper were so fun and simple.


  16. You know what? I'm surprised no one has made a clone of this with Spongebob yet.

  17. Wow great memories. They just mentioned this on Jeopardy!

  18. Steamed Hams Time is the Skinner version of this game.

  19. You gotta try to drop those suckers while on the bun yo! Get your points! Seriously, if you drop the food with those dudes standing on it, you will get way more points. Get more than one at a time. There's a way to do it. My grandma was the best EVER at this game. I was good. She was better. It was a crazy time. It was BURGERTIME!

  20. You can find this game at the Pinball Museum in Asheville, North Carolina. I must have spent hours trying get past level 2

  21. -mom can you give me money for burgar
    -to by burgers??
    actually buys burger time like a boss
    epic gamer moment time..

  22. Metanse su juego POR EL CULO!!! (Is this a Dross reference)

  23. nice game ! love these old arcade classics

  24. I got really good at this game back in the day. Remember my thumbs hurt!

  25. Take your time and have the food follow you on the buns and veggies

  26. This game was referenced in the new season of 3/10.

  27. didn't even finish the level……………………….

  28. SpongeBob parodied this with "Patty Panic"

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