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Burger Time arcade game

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Burger Time video arcade game released in 1982
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  1. SpongeBob parodied this with "Patty Panic"

  2. didn't even finish the level……………………….

  3. This game was referenced in the new season of 3/10.

  4. Take your time and have the food follow you on the buns and veggies

  5. I got really good at this game back in the day. Remember my thumbs hurt!

  6. nice game ! love these old arcade classics

  7. Metanse su juego POR EL CULO!!! (Is this a Dross reference)

  8. -mom can you give me money for burgar
    -to by burgers??
    actually buys burger time like a boss
    epic gamer moment time..

  9. You can find this game at the Pinball Museum in Asheville, North Carolina. I must have spent hours trying get past level 2

  10. You gotta try to drop those suckers while on the bun yo! Get your points! Seriously, if you drop the food with those dudes standing on it, you will get way more points. Get more than one at a time. There's a way to do it. My grandma was the best EVER at this game. I was good. She was better. It was a crazy time. It was BURGERTIME!

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