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Bulletin 1000 – ’80s British Video Game Show

Larry Bundy Jr
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Ever wondered what an Internet video game show would look like if YouTube existed in the 1980’s?

Well meet “Jeremy” host of Bulletin 1000, a man who cant eyeball the camera for more than half a nano-second without having to read his bloody script! and then do stupid voices for the preview segments.

But if you’re wondering the back story to this show, it was created by a video game distribution company (like Centersoft) to promote forthcoming video games and would air on video walls/screens in 80’s video game stores (well, I say video game stores, but they didn’t exist in the 80’s – so really places like WH Smith, John Menzies, Dixons, Boots (when they sold games) and possibly Woolworths).

From what I can obtain the show only lasted two episodes, or that’s how many I’ve ever managed to recover. But it’s an interesting lil’ tidbit of British video game nostalgia that surprisingly hasn’t been shown on YT before in it’s full form!


  1. Anyone know what the game at 9:35 with the goat like creature is ?

  2. @LarryBundyJr Thanks. Anyone know if it's any good ? It kinda sorta reminded me of "Revenge of the Mutant Camels" from 91.

  3. ELITE! PARADROID! Now THERE were some games that I spent YEARS on! 😀 8 bit was all *we* needed back then!

  4. Dear games master.
    Will the tape version of computer hit's 10 work in my PC disk drive.

    ~That man is not reading a script, he has the latest copy of Penthouse~

  5. keep wiggling your joysticks…………. XD

  6. 08:26 Did he say challenging and frustrating? Frustrating isn't a great selling point xD

  7. Hi Larry *looks down at card*. Thanks for an *looks down at card* interesting insight into *looks down at card* video games in the *looks down at card* 1980s.

  8. The music makes me want to strut my funky stuff.

  9. "…and remember… keep wiggling your joysticks……"

  10. "Remember to keep wiggling your joystick." Oh my god that is great advice for life

  11. these are ace Larry, upload more if you have them? 🙂

  12. bleedin philistines ! i will keep an eye on your other channel ..:-)

  13. just keep doing what you do bud, There loss!. anyone that unsubbs cos of one video they don't like are far too fickle for anyone to make happy ,So Sod em! lol

  14. was video diks jockey an 80's term for gamer

  15. That 'review' of Strike Force Harrier is so bad… it's good!

  16. Yeah! And Areolasoft generally released pretty poor games back in the day too.

  17. i so got to get computer games its soo better than any 360 game

  18. where can i order cassette ver of these awesome games lol

  19. dear jeremy when you gonna feature the 360 i hear its a ok computer machine not as good as the comodore 64 lol or the spectra

  20. Suicide must have been at an all time high among gamers back then.

  21. The show couldnt seem to decide whether it was a radio or television broadcast..so awkward..But a nice upload!

  22. This ran for YEARS! Someone's sitting on a treasure trove…

  23. For all we know 'Jeremy' could still be down in that basement somewhere…

  24. 28:41 is where I need a separated video for just that music.

  25. ahhh fuck man what was the 1st game called on the name the 3 game section ??? its on the tip of me tongue…..

  26. @Liam Beckett Hyper Sports 😀
    Also,  turn on replies,  Google plus is a pain in the arse to respond with!!!

  27. "and remember keep wiggling your joy sticks"

  28. Tip 1: Don't make it too obvious you are reading from a script

  29. His Sean Connery voice is pretty good. lol

  30. Man this is so nostalgic, I just love watching it 😀

  31. Wow, the guy is reading off a script in front of him. They couldn’t afford an autocue?

  32. Boots sold Video Games…then again my dad bought the first Iron Maiden Album from boots

  33. Wow! I wish i was a pioneer game programmer back in the 80s

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