Best SEGA Arcade Games Classics -

Best SEGA Arcade Games Classics

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SEGA es una empresa japonesa desarrolladora de software y hardware en el campo del entretenimiento (videojuegos). Es una de las marcas de videojuegos más importantes y respetadas del mundo. Ha tenido una larga historia de éxitos tanto en el mercado de los arcades como en el de las consolas.
En esta colección nos centramos en sus juegos ARCADE clásicos, ordenados cronológicamente. Esta lista incluye juegos para el Sistema Mega Tech y Mega Play. No incluye algunas placas como SEGA MODEL 2 o MODEL 3, tampoco los arcade vectoriales, ya que los tengo en otras colecciones.

Otras colecciones de interés para SEGA ARCADE:
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  1. Great work,but it could've been better in the choices, like bank panic instead of pig Newtown

  2. I'm the manager of the factory where Segas arcade amusement machines used to get built. Can you believe we used to have jobs where you were paid to test these games? Literally they'd link up several sega rally and play them until the next 4 machines were built. They'd attach a UK or USA plug on them, and most were exported to the usa. My favourite story from before my time was the first 17 transformers games off the line didn't work because someone used screws that were too long and punctured the tubes in the screens, meaning they were all written off!

  3. It’s amazing how you fitted the entire collection. This will be an important part of human history. So cool

  4. Isle of man TT, the laserdisc galaxy ranger, spideeman the arcade game are missing.

  5. this seems to be a random sega arcade games collection of videos than the best…

  6. Tough Turf = Double Dragon (business casual)

  7. 20th Century Fox Youtube 2 weeks ago 4 weeks ago says:

    Pulsar has really great audio

  8. like be sega 60 anniversary in 2020

  9. SEGA como siempre adelantado a sus tiempos.

  10. アルティメット・ゲーマー - PewDiePie says:

    My game is so good!

  11. Very nice video, but I gotta say, I'm a little disappointed that you went all the way to 1997 and didn't end up including Cyber Troopers.

  12. 55:33 – Golden Axe II was made by SEGA and it has been released in 1992 and The Golden Axe III was made by SEGA for which has been released in June,25,1993 and which has been more further the game of Konami's Violent Storm known as the Crime Fighters 3 for that has been released since in August,30,1993.

    And later on That the Streets of Rage 3 has been released in January 1994 in Japan and the Worldwide for the release in April 1994 after the time of Konami's Violent Storm known as the Crime Fighters 3 has been released before since in August,30,1993 for the Crime Fighters Series.

  13. 53:45 – Sonic The Hedgehog series was made by SEGA and it has been released In 1991 and it will be marked on 2021 for that would be the 30th Anniversary, after the time before releasing the game of Konami's Castlevania Series has been released since In 1986 and it will be marked as on 2021 for the 35th Anniversary.

  14. 51:19 – Burning Rival was made by SEGA and it has been released in 1992 for the Fighting game for which had been released through the year of 1993 for the Martial Champion was made by Konami and it has been released since in 1993 following to the 1992's SEGA'S Burning Rival for the Fighting game.

    And which had been through release the game is the "Virtua Fighter" for the series.

  15. 45:31 – Streets of Rage was made by SEGA and It has been released in July 1991 for which has been released before Konami's Vendetta Known as the Crime Fighters 2.

    That's the same way of the game.

  16. 36:06 – The Golden Axe was made by Sega and it has been released since in December 1989, after the time of the game for which has been released for Konami's Crime Fighter Series for the Crime Fighters has been released since in April 1989.

  17. Sega for the 60th year anniversary was launched in 1960.

    For which has been set to join about Konami in 1969 was launched.

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