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Best FIGHTING Arcade Games for MAME

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Colección de los mejores juegos de lucha (Categoria: Fighter / Versus) para el MAME.

Categoria: Fighter / Versus (No Wrestling)

-Karate Champ
-Yie Ar Kung-Fu
-Violence Fight
-Pit Fighter
-Art of Fighting
-Street Fighter II – The World Warrior
-Street Fighter II – Champion Edition (Rainbow)
-Mortal Kombat
-World Heroes 2
-Mortal Kombat II
-Kaiser Knuckle
-Power Instinct 2
-Samurai Shodown II
-X-Men: Children of the Atom
-The King of Fighters ’94
-Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
-Fatal Fury 3
-Savage Reign
-Killer Instinct 2
-Mega Man 2: the Power Fighters
-Street Fighter EX
-Tekken 3
-Samurai Shodwon IV
-Waku Waku 7
-Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter
-Vampire Savior – The Lord of Vampire
-Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix
-Street Fighter III – New Generation
-The Last Blade 2
-Real Bout Fatal Fury 2
-Bloody Roar 2
-The King of Fighters 98
-Dead or Alive++
-Soul Calibur
-Street Fighter Alpha 3
-Marvel vs Capcom – Clash of Super Heroes
-JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
-Garou: Mark of the Wolves
-Street Fighter III – 3rd Strike
-Tekken Tag Tournament
-Asura Buster: Eternal Warriors
-Martial Masters
-Rise of the Dragons
-The King of Fighters 2002


  1. I believe we are missing a little gore fest that has dinosaurs

  2. What’s up with that 2nd street fighter? How did RYU launch 4 slow hadukens???

  3. nice colection thumbs up……. Is there a way to download all in a pack?

  4. oye amigo, tu conoces un juego parecido como super gem fighter mini mix? creo que era para neo geo y tenia sprites chibis igual que ese juego.

  5. Guys, there is one 90-s or early 00-s arcade game that I cant find anywhere. It was 3D, had ringouts, rather realistic graphics, and the "golden man" as the final boss.

  6. uhh, Soul Calibur – Who is Arthur? Did I miss something?!

  7. wow i recall playing karate pit fighter i use to go play that in a pizza place in the bronx in middle school wow good memory.

  8. Whoever posted, thank you. I never knew about some of these games.

  9. Excelente lista, lo único que no entiendo es cómo puede estar KI2 pero no el 1.

  10. Can someone point me please where I can get a working Killer Instinct 1& 2 and Primal rage game roms.

  11. Loved all versions of this game! But to Me this one was unique! How many fighting games can You hit the start button and get a new random character? Only sad thing I regret at the time I played this was the lack of players! The cabinet was at a local Big Bear Plus not a traditional arcade! 🙁

  12. Anyone remember a arcade game where one character is red Indian who fires red Indian mask type powers and one old lady who throws her artificial tooth as powers sometimes convert into hot chick also one character who was like lady hulk (blanca) And strikes hunter
    Please share name I am looking for it

  13. The music on every one of these games goes hard as fuck!

  14. anyone remembers an arcade game where a nigga would make his armor/clothes explode at some point and he would keep fighting in his underwear? i think that was his special power

  15. Anyone remeber the street fighter game like three charcter guys that has unique power which fights on every area of street i remeber only its from capcom only but i fogot the original name ..if any one knows do let me know guys pls…help me

  16. These kind of background 😂 voice. When they do fight.I saw it on porn videos especially japaneese,koreans and chinese…

  17. Request pls. When I was young, I used to play a versus fighting game while riding on a dragon or something similar. I forgot the name so please help. And I would say that it is not popular amongst the others, at least in here.

  18. Tekken 3 is actually my childhood favorite arcade game ever, when I would go to a laundry place I would always go to the arcade section and play it, pretty upset that it got removed a few years ago qwq

  19. You forgot to put Real Bout Fatal Fury Special, the best of Fatal Fury on arcade,imo

  20. Thanks man, there’s plenty of games that I’ve forgotten here 👍

  21. Street Fighter and King Of Fighter

    Is my favourite video game

    Even like SNK VS Capcom

  22. Suprised you didn't have Kizuna Encounter in there! That was a great game! No one knew how to play it back then and it was great learning how! Love the list too! Grew up with SFII, World Heroes, AoF, KoF and the SF Alpha series! Miss the arcade days!

  23. Olvidaste virtual fighter.Snk vs capcom chaos y muchos mas

  24. what about rabbit? youll be shocked once you know who made it

  25. the retroid pocket came with these games!!! There are so many games, I didn't know they existed. mainly SNK

  26. Hello. I'm looking for a game, that i play a lot in the past, almost 20 years ago. What i remember is that is a fighting game, on arcade games, and you can play in teams of 3 vs 3, one character is a little who attack transforming himself into a cilinder, and another character have a big ball and is very massive, base of players includes a lot others characters, and a last detail is that when is charge, if you hit all the buttons they unleash a special attack. This game is driving me crazy, know anyone his name? thanks a lot!

  27. Samurai Shodown II is best fighting game of all time, in my opinion. Waku Waku 7 has the best graphics.

  28. Show Brother. Sua lista está maravilhosa. São os meus preferidos também. Tenho todos e jogos. Todo dia jogo umas partidas pra matar saudade

  29. Someone knows about 1 fighter game where i knows 3 charakters…a kapitan hwo throw a shark ,old lady hwo use a teeth,and ninja..i fofgot name od this game

  30. Double Dragon (Neogeo) is missing. In my opionon this game is a good fighting arcade game.

  31. شكرا جزيلا كنت أبحث عن إسم لعبة أعشقها آن ذاك وقد وجدتها آه على وقت جميل مضى

  32. No.2 from the bottom is uncorrect title, it should be "Rage of The Dragons".

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