Berserk (ARCADE) -

Berserk (ARCADE)

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Intruder alert


  1. Jesus; this sounds like my Dad's 1986 Chrysler Le Baron. "All monitored systems are functioning properly."

  2. Got the Intruder… Got the Chicken! LMAO brings back some memories.

  3. Chicken! ….Fight…. Like……. A…… Robot!

  4. Wow. This is so creepy. I'm glad I only played the Atari version when I was a kid.

  5. Man, I always hated it when Evil Otto came at me.

  6. Used to steal $0.50 pieces my dad would hide in his sock drawer and go across the street to the pizza place to play this. Oh my… I can smell the pizza just hearing this.

  7. The movie "Scanners" was showing, at the same time Berzerk arrived at our Mall arcade. I don't know what was scarier; the "Scanners" movie poster or Berzerks robot voice and cabinet art of a guy about to be disintegrated! I can still recall how creeped out I felt! “The humanoid must not escape!"

  8. Why don't games have this cool sound quality anymore?

  9. My god…..when the days of arcade were great.

  10. Awesome, would have loved to have seen and played this on an arcade machine, back in the day, never seen one though, reminds me of hall of the things on the ZX Spectrum.

  11. I would go to 7 Eleven and play this game all day!

  12. This and Wizards Of Wor were my go to games.

  13. I wonder if I can get ringtone/notification soundbytes of this.

  14. back when kids went outside to play video games.

  15. When the boneless wings arrive:
    destroy the chicken

  16. One of my favorite games from the 80's I used up a lot of quarters in this game. If I could find this game I would get it and keep it in my man cave.

  17. Oh so THIS is what Futurama was referencing in the Fear of a Bot Planet episode! Nice.


  19. Homer Simpson with the University nerds. Intruder alert

  20. One of the best 80's games, I still play it.

  21. Brilliant game and sfx, back when we were kids, growing up on yarmouth seafront, we could strim the machines back in them days with some strim wire with a V shape at the end, this would click up credits on the older mechs, rims are now plastic as static build up by rubbing feet on arcade carpet can be enough to alse get credits, lol, we were experts at the age of 8 about banging machines, etc heehee, we got chased from many an arcade, oh to be young again. – Another trick we used was flicking a 2p up the 50p coin release box of Tron to get extra credits.

  22. A 10 dollar roll of Quarters would last me close to two hours in an arcade. I miss the 80's.

  23. It says “chicken! fight like a robot!” when dude ducks into an exit before killing em all 🤣

  24. So this is where that voice sample in 54 Cymru Beats came from!

  25. The bouncing ball deters camping.

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