Battlezone (Arcade, 1980) - Video Game Years History -

Battlezone (Arcade, 1980) – Video Game Years History

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A look at the arcade game Battlezone, released in 1980.
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Video Game Years 1980 Edited By:
John Delia
Lance Cortez
Pat Contri
Joey Desena
Matt Burkett
Kevin Guillet
Mark Car
Daniel Mitchell

Battlezone is an arcade game from Atari released in November 1980. It displays a wireframe view on a horizontal black and white vector monitor. Due to its novel gameplay and look, this game was very popular for many years.


  1. Horrifying?? Its awesome when the military approves of your game so much that its used to train their recruits soldiers, marines, sailors or pilots. It means you the developer have done your job. Harpoon is another classic computer game that got the approval of the military "NAVY". WELL DONE BATTLEZONE DEVELOPERS. WELL DONE INDEED.

  2. I love the video game years! Can't wait for new episodes.

  3. Ian's hair in this !! Hahah. Oh man that made me smile

  4. I love all the available content on your page, great job pat

  5. All arcades with or without a Battlezone should have sanitizer wipes readily available for all.

  6. I'm privileged to have had to pleasure to play this on a real arcade cabinet.

  7. I didn't even know that was Ian until he started talking…lol

  8. Wow, this must have been recorded a while ago because I couldn't even tell that was Ian at first ._.

  9. Ian looks like the main antagonist, Vector, in the first Despicable Me film.

  10. I loved this game but never knew the name until this video. (partly because I never got to play it until the 90s)

  11. "Hey you tank commandos… Etc."
    Actually, there was a generation of army tank crews trained with battlezone. Remember the first Iraq war? The "Elite Republican Guard" that Saddam Hussein had? Yeah, our videogame trained tank commandos steamrolled them.

  12. lmao what the fuck happened to ian's head

    edit: i say this with love

  13. I loved this game on the commodore 64.

  14. We're called tankers, but now that you mention it, I actually kinda prefer "tank commandos."

  15. Ian actually travelled back to the 80's for this. Wow. Such production value. So Pat.

  16. i played this on the ataris greatest hits#1 on the ps1

  17. our's was in the swimming baths, it smelt of chlorine and the metallic future, quite contrary, lying geeks, don't diss mother again

  18. Have this for my Atari 8 bits. Was pretty amazing back then. Still fun!

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