Batman Arkham POWER RANGERS Game Cancelled... -

Batman Arkham POWER RANGERS Game Cancelled…

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Batman Arkham Power Rangers Game Cancelled… i can’t believe they cancelled this game… (AAA OPEN WORLD CO-OP POWER RANGERS GAME) | unCAGEDgamez
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Today we talk about the news of a AAA Open World Co-op Power Rangers game that was cancelled! This game was pretty much Batman Arkham games but with Power Rangers! Anyways I hope you guys enjoy the video as we go over all the details!

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  1. If you like this you should hunt down the artists Instagram pages. They've uploaded more designs and concepts not in this twitter thread.

  2. Take my damn money, I'll buy a copy of that game in a heartbeat!

  3. THIS IS SOOOOOO DEPRESSING this literally could be the AAA game of the year and the big shame about it is it looks freaking sick!!!

    ok guys after high school and if I go to college to learn how to video game design I will revive this game hopefully!!

  4. Yeah this game is blowing up Uncaged I hope we actually get it some point down the line.

  5. I thought of a game like this before and I wondered why people never made a game like this

  6. I'm a MMPR fan at heart. SPD Rangers and Dino Thunder would be great to add to the list.

  7. Lets make this a thing, this is sickkkk!!

  8. This was such a missed opportunity, wtf were they thinking?

  9. I hate when they cancel or forget about great games. It's the worst part about gaming.

  10. What's crazy is the Avengers game isn't bad, it just was incomplete and repetitive. The story was ok, but the repetitiveness in the multiplayer sucked ass.

  11. It should happen, power rangers open world 🌎 really nice, really cool 👍

  12. The game also probably fell through bc power rangers is definitely not as popular as it used to be so people wouldn’t bother buying it. Also with the new power ranger shows that only little kids watch, the game would just have a bunch of little kids playing the game so they would have to make it more for kids then adults or teenagers. The game would probably of ended up being a open world money grab game for little kids.

  13. R.I.P Power rangers game that was too good to be true

  14. That would be cool a darker more power ranger game I like what I am seeing too bad it never happened all the way through.

  15. hopefully this idea will be revived one day

  16. I’m in GameStop and I see u talking about ryu and chun-lee power ranger outfits

  17. I hope this AAA Power Rangers game gets worked on again but have a single player as well

  18. Ive never liked Power Rangers. I always thought they looked and acted way to cheesy and goofy. This concept art looks awesome and if they made it more mature and dark i would play it and buy into this franchise.

  19. Seriously start a Kickstarter for this guy this game sounds amazing it should have happened

  20. Aw man power rangers this could’ve been an awesome game design for power rangers like imagine the ratings

  21. i share on twitter i hope a game companie make thi happens

  22. if the creators of arkham knight pick this up and actually create it i’d be the happiest mf

  23. Idk man not every game company creates top tier stuff in the right hands hell yes to this but in the hands of cough EA/Activision/ubisoft cough that's a hard pass for me lol

  24. These characters deserve a open world game……

    Power Rangers, Blade, Punisher, & Ninja Turtles

  25. The fight scenes with the
    putties would've been SICK!!!!!!!

  26. What Rangers would you like to see in this game, MMPR, Ninja Storm, LSR, Time Force, Lost Galaxy, Mystic Force, etc…? Me: All of them!

  27. If you really think about it its good it got canceled cause if they bring it back we could get this game better then ever ^-^

  28. i would love to have some wild force action man

  29. Even though I think this would’ve been sick, I’m not super surprised that it might have fallen through… it would’ve been difficult because the fan base would be split about what they’d want; keep in mind that said fan base is built of both adults who are here for the OG stuff, as well as kids who just heard about a PR game and are looking for the more recent characters

  30. I would love to see time force cause it was an amazing show

  31. I love power rangers. It was my childhood! Seeing how they were gonna make a game then canceled it….its hurts man- there outfits and everything is amazing! Sharing this on any platform

  32. I remember playing arkham years ago and thinking a multiplayer power ranger or kamen rider game with free flow combat would be sweet af

  33. Uncaged, you can always play
    Power rangers on SNES lol

  34. I'm friends with Tracy Lynn Cruz (Yellow Space ranger) and she wouldn't mind lending her voice if this game ever comes to be a working progess, if anyone knows anyone who could make this happen hit me up

  35. Dude like i still feel that after seeing all the amazing suits that it should for sure be looked at again. For this to be made a game not in 2016 but in say 2022 or 2023 it would be so much better even tho its looks sweet already 100% id fully buy the game green ranger 👀👌

  36. I want this to happen or tmnt Arkham tule game cause that’d be fire

  37. 🤦🏽‍♂️😩🔥🔥 yoo this would’ve been game of the year! I NEED THIS!!

  38. man this makes me sooooo sad and i wish they made it and i also want this art framed and on my walls. I would want MMPR, Dino Thunder, ninja storm, alien, mystic force, SPD with the shadow ranger, Lost galaxy, time force with the quantum ranger, wild force, and jungle fury. And on a side note one the Psycho rangers from the comics along with hyper force.

  39. Come on guys like and share this video.
    I need this powerranger game to exist damnit!!!!!!

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