Baby Pac-Man Pinball Machine - Bally's 1982 Classic! Gameplay, artwork -

Baby Pac-Man Pinball Machine – Bally’s 1982 Classic! Gameplay, artwork

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Finished up the legendary Baby Pac-Man Pinball machine recently, and shot this video. Such a fun game, but incredibly tough! See all our games for sale @ !

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  1. I would SO love to get hold of one of these! The Pac-Man portion is challenging and the pinball portion though small is surprisingly a lot of fun! PLEASE message me if you EVER want to sell it!

  2. I was born after Pac-Man's prime, but I'm still a big fan of the series. I found out an arcade in my area that specializes in retro games has this machine and I'd always wanted to try it. It's a marvel in engineering and a cool idea on paper, but it's also the least friendly Pac-Man I've played. I couldn't even get past the first level. The ghosts are ruthless, the maze is easy to get trapped in, and I swear the pinball table's angled in a way to have the ball specifcally fly between the flippers! It's still a cool cabinet, and now I can say I've played one of the rarest Pac-Man games in person!

  3. My local arcade has one of these and it works

  4. Pretty cool & unique design this machine sure was. They used to have this at the Chuck E Cheese in Johnson City, NY, near my 80's/childhood hometown of Binghamton, NY, which I often went to back in the day. I know they were prone to malfunction, due to all it needed to run properly, and took much work to keep working, and/or restore. Would be great if we can maybe get an Arcade 1Up machine to this eventually, since a console port would obviously be virtually impossible too.

  5. 4:58 Pac-Baby's gender is a little inconsistent. Throughout the 80s, he was a boy, but starting with 1994's Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures, they made her a girl. Because all the 80s Pac-Man media depicted Pac-Baby as an only child, Pac-Baby's lack of appearance in Jr. Pac-Man, and the game she was first depicted as a girl in the was also the first game that had both Pac-Jr. and Pac-Baby appear in, I like to imagine that the 80s Pac-Baby got older and became Pac-Jr., and then Mr. and Ms. Pac-Man had a second kid, who is a girl.

  6. just got a very derelict one of these along with an equally bad. Granny and the Gators.. I think 6 months from now I'll have them both up and running and look decent.

  7. I first played one of these at Pinballz in Austin several years ago. I've since encountered one a few times at the Houston Arcade Expo, though that one tends to be out of order. The arcade and pinball sections seem simple on their own, but together they're super cool. Baby Pac-Man is a quirky experience that, sadly, most arcade and pinball fans will never get to enjoy.

  8. When Showbiz Pizza was in our town, this game was there and I played it (back in 1991).

  9. PAC man was made for Namco in Japan but was developed by Bally midway in the USA.

  10. Can this work on the atgames pinball legends??? Also I've played granny and the gators…

  11. Baby pac man was always my favorite game but nobody had it anymore. I just want to own one lol. But I can’t ever find one so…

  12. Hey thanks for showing everything on this machine before playing it. I love pinball but this game was really really hard for me so I never played it again.
    Liked and subscribed!

  13. This type of Pac-Man arcade machine is so much cooler! Because it’s an arcade machine fused with a pinball machine

  14. This is such an interesting idea for a pac man game ngl.

  15. If i had the money and it was for sale i would buy this! This was my favorite game as a child. How much do they cost to buy?

  16. What a really awesome combination of an arcade machine and pinball.
    Thanks for sharing this video ! 😀

  17. These videos are walking me back to my early teens in the 80s. I actually played more of the Granny and the Gators combo pin than I did of the Baby Pac in the local pool hall. The place was a little sketchy for kids but they always seemed to get the latest greatest arcade machines.

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