Atari's Primal Rage 1994 Arcade Game! Overview, Artwork, Gameplay -

Atari’s Primal Rage 1994 Arcade Game! Overview, Artwork, Gameplay

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This is Atari’s famous Primal Rage arcade game, version 2.3. Nice dedicated cabinet that still has it’s sideart! Yes we pull of Chaos’s famous finishing move. See all our other games at !


  1. I just recently picked up a Primal Rage arcade PCB and am looking to make myself a cabinet for it. Any words of advice you can give since you worked on it before?

  2. I'm 37 now. There was one of these in our Pizza Hut, directly next to the iconic "Revolution X" Aerosmith game, Samurai Showdown, and a western game I can't remember what it was called….there was a stampede that would run through and you would have to run on top of the bulls?? Basically, it was an absolutely legendary experience going there. Pizza was just a bonus. Love it

  3. I really wish Primal Rage had its own Arcade1Up Cabinet

  4. One of the best games I ever played growing up

  5. Your videos are awesome! How I miss the good ol 80's and 90's : ( The New Generation will never know the excitement (after begging your parents to take you) of walking into a Arcade!

  6. Is this still for sale I would like to purchase it

  7. Wait so who's good and bad? Cant wait… literally im done waiting for an xbox one port.

  8. So it probably wasn't some punk kid then. Maybe people have been trying to clean it!

  9. Still my favorite arcade game of all time. Love Primal Rage. Oh how I wish I could own one of these…

  10. if primal rage was at mega play. It will make anymore since.

  11. Man, I sure wish I could spend a whole day, better yet a weekend in your facility! I'd have the best time going down memory lane!!!!

  12. What was the reason for the programmers not allowing a clean emulation for their game? Why are there yellow stuff instead of blood amongst all sorts of other problems?

  13. All the artwork except the side control panel artwork. Old video but I needed to comment lol. Also, I agree. Home ports will never touch the original arcade machine. Even MAME. PRs programming code was encrypted. If you play PR in MAME, which is a emulator (duh) you'll notice that the blood is tan sometimes, character sprites are glitchy and some combos are impossible to tangle together. Even gameplay is effected. All because other components that the code in the arcade software talks to is missing so the code acts up. Atari was smart with this game! If you ever get another PR, put that info out there. Might sell faster haha. That's why I bought mine 7 years ago. Great video!

  14. This game was so much fun, I remember talking to some guys when it first came out an they didn't like dinosaurs biting each other but I thought thats what made the game cool-the fact that it was something different, plus the stop motion animation graphics was something never done before in gaming which gave it a real unique aspect. He is right about the special moves, if you didn't understand it before hand you would never figure it out-luckily the console versions were perfect platforms to practice on.

  15. i have the arcade machine at my house for a perfect experience! the weird thing is, the credits for the guys who made it don't appear, but aside from that, everything else is the same

  16. I know this game got an unreleased sequel but I want an official sequel for modern systems kinda like they revived Killer instinct for X Box a few years ago

  17. I remember coming across a Primal Rage in 2016 at Strong Museum of Play, but the gore was switched off. I was told the game was pretty much bootlegged because this game is impossible to emulate, even through MAME. I also remember the infamous "golden shower" fatality move that Chaos did and how that got removed from the SNES port.

  18. This game was on free play down at a local arcade with a playcenter on the upper floor. It was placed in the playcenter next to TMNT, but that cost 20p. I played the hell out of this, even if the game in hindsight isn't very good. It's always got a soft spot in my heart.

  19. Design some more/newer characters perhaps
    -a humanoid elephant and hairy mammoth like characters
    -a humanoid rhino like one
    -a humanoid hippo one
    -a humanoid bison like one
    -humanoid wild boar
    -a grizzly bear, black bear, and polar bear character

    And maybe a goat, bull, moose, elk, ant-eater ones

  20. Really the only way to experience the game. At least until there's some way to magically reverse engineer it. The Midway Arcade Treasures 2 version is sadly horribly compromised.

    This game never did anything for me, but I have a soft spot for the Atari Games Corp era of Atari's arcade division. I feel that's when they're best games and hardware was cranked out.

  21. Actually the PS1 and Saturn ports are pretty identical to this, it was the Sega and SNES ports that were greatly downgraded and made the game seem mediocre. Although the Genesis port and 32X has the "golden shower" lol.

  22. The best thing about this game was the farting. 😊

  23. Arcade Jurassic Park 1994 sega gameplay over artworks

  24. Good game but it's laggy as hell in the controls and that makes it very hard to fight properly hence ST rules the genre. I know that all these types of games Pit Fighter etc but I suppose Mortal Kombat did it best.


  26. What did this sell for I'm looking at one for 600

  27. How funny, I think I just bought this exact same cabinet off ebay. Its ripped in same spots and everything

  28. Man why did you have to go do that to my favorite character talon lol

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