Atari's Classic Area 51 Arcade Game ! Cabinet design, artwork overview, gameplay video! -

Atari’s Classic Area 51 Arcade Game ! Cabinet design, artwork overview, gameplay video!

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We play through our super-cool Area 51 arcade game, in the original dedicated cabinet. Such a fun game! See all our games for sale right now at !


  1. Between this, Doom and GoldenEye. This is what got me into shooters

  2. Arcade original is the best, the PS2 remake sucked

  3. a really fun game. I used to have this in my collection. highly recommended

  4. No need for correction. This game came out in 1995. I am now 30 years old and still play it. Did I mentioned I owe an arcade of it myself.

  5. How do you make all of your money to buy all of these arcade games?

  6. nice cabinet.what is the name of this machine right side from area51?looking good:)

  7. i love this game, played it loads in the arcade then bought it on ps1. Great video

  8. This has been one of my favorite arcade games as a kid growing up. I tried the PlayStation version of this and didn't like it as much as the good ol' arcade platform of it. I personally hated the aliens where they throw barrels and grenades and s*** at you.

  9. Carnevil and Area 51 were so badass

  10. i remember playing this. wasn't it fun to get to shoot out windows as well as the aliens?

  11. To answer your question about the gun colors, yes the left gun is usually red and the right gun is usually blue. The gun colors on this particular cabinet (both green) is the default for Maximum Force.

  12. If you choose "Beginning" and shoot only the first three STAAR team members and nothing else, you will unlock Kronn Hunter mode, where you play as an alien. On the original Area 51 and not the one on Area 51/Maximum Force Duo, your vision will be changed so that the backgrounds appear mostly blue and purple. Here's a video of it in action if you're interested:

  13. My local Pizza Hut back in the '90s had this. Good times. I think the printing method is called dot matrix.

  14. I remember first discovering this game at a skating rink in Lockport back in 1997. I wouldn't be able to play this lovely gem until 1998 when I was at a Regal Movie Theater after seeing a movie. Of course when I played the Windows port on my dad's laptop before then, that was when I learned that shooting innocents (like the STAAR people in this game) costs you a life. I remember in 1999 when my mom and I were at a movie theater, it was minutes before our movie began, so my mom and I decided to kill some time playing Area 51 in the game room. Ah, memories.

  15. And I’ll just say she definitely looks like she’s ready for business lmaoooo. Bro I’m going to buy this.

  16. I freaking loved this game when I was a kid.

  17. Why isn't this video getting a million views today?

  18. Jason's House of Fun and Video Games says:

    Nice job with the vid. I loved this in the arcade and got it on ps1. It's playable but nothing beats that awesome arcade atmosphere for sure

  19. who else put it on 2 player so you could dual wield?

  20. great video!!! i loved this game growing up. they had it at a local movie theater. it was so much fun! 😀 <3, stars

  21. enjoyed playing it when I was just very young, just got scared of the game over screen, still scares me to this very day

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