Atari's Classic 1986 Rolling Thunder Arcade Game Cabinet ! -

Atari’s Classic 1986 Rolling Thunder Arcade Game Cabinet !

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We got in this cool Rolling Thunder Arcade Game from our buddy Matt. This game came out in 1986 and was programmed by Namco… check out the video!

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  1. Great game. I always found it fun but the difficulty ramped up REAL fast IMO.

  2. I have this game in my basement and it is hard!

  3. I just picked one up locally for $200. Question: The volcano buttons are not supposed to light up correct? Also, I'm missing the black hall effect joystick.

  4. The irish built version of the cabinet actually has a regular lit marquee.

  5. Good game, the Sega Genesis exclusive sequels are good too

  6. I always loved the music. Esp the jungle like theme when the trolls or whatever they are show up.

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