Atari Starwars 1983 Arcade Game...10,000,000+ part 1 -

Atari Starwars 1983 Arcade Game…10,000,000+ part 1

DP Firebird
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A 10,000,000 game of my Starwars Upright arcade machine.The machine is running on original Atari hardware and not a MAME emulation.

Twin Galaxies ‘Marathon’ settings of 6 Shield start with 1 Shield bonus on ‘Hard’ setting.


  1. Wow awesome I loved this in the arcades in skeggy

  2. dam … the chills and memories and smells of the donut shop i used to blow quarters on playing this flooding in as soon as it started……!~!

  3. How can a an X-wing fighter fly backward when the Death Star is about to explode?

  4. This is more fun to watch than The Phantom Menace

  5. Who else played this at cradle con?

  6. Had this game on the ColecoVision. Played the living hell out of it. Memories.

  7. アタリのスターウォーズ。子供の頃初めて見たとき衝撃的でした。当時は周りの目が気になり上手く出来るか不安で、プレイする勇気がなくずっと人がプレイしているのを眺めていました。見ているだけでも楽しいすごいゲームだと思いました!

  8. this game looks better than the entire movie of the last jedi

  9. Immersive gameplay and great sound and graphics effects, especially for 1983, a little repetitive, though.

  10. Judging by the player's accent, he's an imperial officer

  11. I respected that they started on hard level, but then they just kept on clearing level After level until I just conceded to the fact that they were the master!…I loved the trip down memory lane…

  12. I have only ONCE been able to keep up with the fighters in the fighting stage so the Death Star never went off-screen. Never again after.

  13. truly a pleasure watching destroy the deathstar, wave after wave. I personally never made it out of the trench on easy mode.

  14. Spent a bloody fortune on this in the arcade 😂😂

  15. How do you maintain the flight controller? Every time I saw this game at a place, within months the cursor would start to "slip" and lag like something inside it decalibrating. If I knew a way to keep that from happening I'd seriously have to buy my own cabinet.

  16. Besides me, was there anyone else out there that was a broke ass with no quarters and just watched others play?

  17. I’d do anything to experience this game and many others in the 80s at a arcade.

  18. Awesomeness. We just played this and it’s great

  19. WD40.. How many wave have the game never go behonde 10

  20. Back in about 1986, when I was 16, I once played this game for 3 and a half hours, on a quarter, with a score of over 13,000,000. It was at The Stockade pizza parlor/arcade in Crescent City, California. The employees let me stay til after closing time to play, and after they were all done cleaning up and finishing the day's duties, they crowded around to watch! lol… I was so exhausted afterward, and didn't play the game again for many months, maybe a year, so burned out was I by that VERY intense 3 and a half hours.

  21. I haven't seen these graphics (this game!) since probably 1987. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the trip home! 🙂

  22. I can't believe people can play this for days on a single credit. At some point, I assume the difficulty maxes out?

  23. Your muscle memory is most impressive!

  24. It's a treat watching you play. I have always loved this game enough to make a few of my own yokes adapted to the mame. Now that Arcade1up has a swars offering 3/4 scale I think you will get some serious fan posts/mail. I have with the new A1up cabinet been able to with 9 starters and 3 bonus shields to get to wave 17 and a score of 3.64M. I am using my middle fingers with a modified grip to get that trigger near to where I need it. I am absolutely amazed at how seemless your yoke control is .. Mine is a bit jerky and not as flowing. Also every now and again when trying to use the force my big fat fingers will accidentally trigger a blast. Anyhow great fun watching you play sir, you are truly a jedi knight!

  25. Wow! The Force is strong with this one! With the console version you really needed the roller controller or you were doomed.

  26. I remember when I tried to play a marathon in a sit-down cabinet. Had to jump out during the Death Star explosion to stretch my legs at one point. Got a score of 4 million at the time. I think I actually have a photo of it somewhere. Thanks for the wonderful trip down Memory Lane.

  27. This and both the ESB and ROTJ ones were Easter eggs included on the Game Cube Rogue Squadron 3 game.

  28. The dude can play! Good job sir and lucky you for owning an original unit 👍

  29. Such a great game. This one kid showed me how to "use the force" and it was on from there. I used to go to the pizza place down from my house and dominate this game with 50 cents then go back home and play with my action figures. When they finally got rid of that game it was like somebody had shot my dog.

  30. Phenomenal game that I played both in stand up version as a child and sit down version as an adult at a video game show. Also played the heck out of the Atari 2600 version to the point where I rolled the score. Great classic game! Impressive skills by the way! The arcade was pretty tough on regular difficulty!

  31. thanks for share ,I dint remember about use the force bonus ,,,now I just need to learn the path on wave 7 & beyond

  32. When you think about it for 1983 this was a pretty powerful processor to drive this video game

  33. Hey Rus (I use your initials at the end)
    I've been analyzing footage of this play for years, beautifully done! I was wondering if you have any links or material on the 1984 Robert Mruczek 300M, 49.5 hour marathon? I posted some questions on the Twin Galaxies site .. but I suspect that org is no longer with us. It's funny this isn't quite ancient history but I mean so many ?s .. how did the fellow manage bathroom breaks at what 15 second intervals every 2 minutes 5 seconds? Was it a stand up game, did he sit on a stool, what was it like staying up for over two full days?

    Anyway I love watching you play its a treat (and I got some tips) .. by any chance being a staunch player of the original arcade, have you tried the newest arcade 1up version? That's what I play, and I was wondering how the experiences match up? Anyway may the force be with you my fellow JEDI from across the pond!

  34. Where do the collisions occur in the trench run? That is by far the weakest part of my game. I can’t get past level 7!

  35. I'm nostalgically here for the soundtrack, & probably 4bit samples!

  36. Absolutely amazing. I've got the Arcade 1UP version. Finally could have something similar to the real thing. Wanting to try getting 10,000,000 now 😀

  37. I used to play this all the time back in the day. I sucked at the trench part when you have the cross beams to go over and under, specially when you get the ones that are in half.

  38. Have this on the Amiga 500. Arcade version looks infinitely better!

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