Atari Gauntlet Legends Arcade Game Overview, game play video! -

Atari Gauntlet Legends Arcade Game Overview, game play video!

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This is Atari’s awesome Gauntlet Legends arcade game, on display at . This video shows a general overview of the cabinet, some neat features of the design, and gameplay of a couple levels. You can see other games that we have in stock at our website, subscribe for updates!

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  1. It reminds me a bit like Blood Omen : Legacy of Kain for some reason.

  2. OMG Gauntlet Legends.The Gauntlet that couldn't (at least in my opinion.)It wasn't a BAD game, it just wasn't good / great either. It didn't have that original Gauntlet Magic. I was intrigued by the fact that you had some persistence via the log ins though.

  3. Ever get in some of the more exotic ones like the old vortex VR cabinets from the 90's. I would ask about Battletech mech pods but those things were huge and pretty rare.

  4. Nice description and nice game ! I used to love playing that 30 years ago, and as you say, it was possible to keep putting money in to start up one of the other characters and continue indefinitely until money ran out !

  5. Original Gauntlet I & II, awesome Classic Game for sure!! Just got in on a new Machine, great fun@@ Cheers Greg

  6. So rad. I spend 20$ every time each way on the ferry to Vancouver

  7. I love this game in the Gauntlet series. I first saw this game when I was at a roller rink in 2001. Mostly I was the archer, but I'm almost always the wizard. One time I was playing this game at a video game exhibit at a museum, my friend heard the announcer and she thought it was James Earl Jones doing the announcer's voice. I told her that I doubt that it could be him 😛

  8. i beat it . on 3 differant characters. when i was 6 . solo

  9. Damm need to get me one of those saw one just like this in my mall last year it was turned off though dont see it anymore

  10. Its weird. I feel like i put home console hours into this game but i played it at arcades. Hm

  11. I wanted to hear the extreme theme song bellow out like it was the king of all these games. I remember that specifically from when I was a kid.

  12. So, what do sit-down cabinets go for nowadays?

  13. Would you recomend removing the tube and glass for transport? Just picked up a clean original and i dont want upset it with something preventible like trailer vibration from roads.

  14. Men that game…Played so much I could play for 2hours+ with one single coin, only reason to stop was the owner kicking me out or me burning out after long sessions xD
    There was hardly any profit for the owner but was very adictive and new players would spend coin after coin, one of the few games you could actually level up.

  15. What was really awesome was you could save your game with a code and when you finally beat the game there were instructions for getting a free t shirt

  16. Recently discovered your channel excellent mate , love your videos about how to fix machines and about history of the machines, fantastic keep making them.

  17. dark legacy is alot better in arcade it as more level. if you play home on ps2 is iven better thant arcade. i have the ps2 version.

  18. how does the game define what credit goes to what charter ? the originals had a coin slot for each player position, is it possible to steal credits inserted by another player for your charters health (quickly making you very unpopular) as I only see 2 coin mechs ?

  19. Dude, I remember playing with my brother dad and sister on Saturdays, we convinced my dad to go to the arcade and we'd play this together!

  20. I just bought a cabinet for myself but can't figure out how to get the front controller panel out. I removed all the screws, but it's still stuck. Any suggestions? I really want to get this through my door into the house!

  21. What a fantastic game and cabinet, definitely plan to own this someday. I remember playing it with friends at the arcade inside my local movie theater and scrambling for tokens whenever one of us died. Great memories of that, but sadly the cabinet was eventually replaced with a different one and the arcade was removed completely after a remodel. There aren't many co-op experiences like this out there besides the X-Men, TMNT, and The Simpsons beat 'em ups.

  22. I used to play this game with my brothers, and cousins all the time on the Nintendo 64. The arcade machine looks amazing!

  23. No freaking way. I live in this small town, and we used to have this sports place we all went to to hang out and play pretty much all day with friends. But me and my cousin used to play this all the time, it was so freaking fun. I remember this machine so vividly, thanks for uploading this and sending me through memory lane. 🙂

  24. That Gauntlet was the best, they need to bring this type of Gauntlet back.

  25. Seeing this brings back so many memories playing gauntlet legends, house of the dead, and time crisis at the local mall arcade. I never got very far in this one, it always ran me out of money pretty quick.

  26. Does nobody remember that there were a Gauntlet 3 & a Gauntlet 4 before Gauntlet Legends?

    Because It went like this,

    Gauntlet 1985 (Acade).

    Gauntlet 2 1986 (Arcade).

    Gauntlet 3 1990 (Atari Lynx).

    Gauntlet 4 1993 (Sega Genesis).

    Gauntlet Legends 1998 (Arcade/PS/DC/N64).

    Gauntlet Dark Legacy 2000 (Arcade/PS2/NGC/Xbox).

    Gauntlet Seven Sarrows 2008 (PS2/Xbox).

    Gauntlet Remake 2014 (PC/PS4).

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