Atari Battlezone Arcade Longplay -

Atari Battlezone Arcade Longplay

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Some playing with the “missile at 30K dip + 2 extra tanks”. I’m not a great player as some people have been able to score millions… but at least this should give you the idea of the advanced BattleZone gameplay. And what a great classic it is!


  1. i remember when this game came out. im so old.

  2. Always wanted to reach those distant mountains… 🙁

  3. So this is where Elon got the design idea for his Cybertruck.

  4. What version is this? I love the overlay border.

  5. It's true that 'Sesame Street's' Ernie is definitely a real mangy oaf. Did you take Sean Yasbeck very seriously when he said; "I had the aptitude and the attitude to do this kind of work," to the 'Apprentice' correspondent?

  6. i have this game on atari ' game anthology' for the playstation 2
    this was the very first arcade tank game i played in 1980

  7. It was the beginning of tank sims that didn't take millions of dollars for the pentagon to build. now the pentagon uses off the shelf 3d engines for its sims!

  8. looking for a game black background neon lines and stick figure man… slow motion linear walk through and drop downs… find the thg complete mission return to spaceship ….
    early 80s… anyone?

  9. Was this set on super easy? missiles were a constant threat on the ones I used to play.

  10. The amount of money I paid to this game…..never seen this level…eye opener.

  11. Yep. This and Scrambler were my fave arcade games

  12. my fave when i served we had one on the barracks back in Germany.spent many hours playing

  13. I had a teacher in Kindergarten who had this game on an old computer. Interesting that I find it many years later.

  14. Used to play this at the old Just Fun arcade in our local mall back in '81. Just a teen but by golly this game was fun.

  15. Brilliant, thank you so much for uploading! Best arcade game ever, loved it 😎

  16. was this the first first person game ever made?

  17. I witnessed a friend in the 80s play to million. At that point the game started from the beginning. After all those hectic super tank and missile moments suddenly there stood a slow basic tank with its back turned.

  18. Back in 1984 a local pizza/arcade was going out of business, and selling all of their games. Most were selling for $275 each. I only had enough cash at the time to buy just one machine. I was torn between Battlezone (1980), or Gottlieb's Haunted House pinball machine (1982). I ended up getting Battlezone because a friend that worked on pinball machines told me that
    Haunted House was notorious for having trouble, and they were a pain to work on. Both machines were in perfect condition because they were both still only a few year old. In 1986 I thought of moving out of state and decided to sell my Battlezone and Midway's Space Invaders so I ran an add in my local newspaper, this was way before Ebay, Craig's List, etc.
    The first person that responded to the add bought both right on the spot for $300 each. I have kicked myself several times since for selling Battlezone. I have since found another Space Invaders, but still hoping to find another Battlezone. I'd be lucky to find one now for 10 times that price in poor condition.

  19. There is supposed to be a version of this Atari developed for the military – very early example of using a simulator for training.

  20. Oh shit I remember this and I was born in the 2000's, not sure how I was able to play this and another similarly styled game

  21. So, bumping the supertank is a thing? I never wanted to try that. It makes sense, though, if it makes them ignore all other actions and makes them back up for a couple seconds.

  22. Games like this make me wonder just how much the US government really let's us know.

  23. Thank you. This sure brings lots of memories.

  24. Even after decades, that ending music rings in my ears. That, plus the buzz bombs.

  25. Wow, it would take id Software twelve years to make a first person shooter that would change the game even more than this game. Yes, Elite, Wing Commander, and the first ever Mobile Suit Gundam game were all good, but Wolfenstein 3d changed the game of first person shooters more than those franchises ever did, and only Battlezone is considered as an equal in the terms of innovative titles, for, without it, the entire first person shooter genre would not exist at all in modern times.

  26. If I remember right this had a periscope like bit on the game

  27. Amazing quality for 1980. And many versions had a periscope interface where you pressed your face against a scope. This had the effect of eliminating the real world from your vision and was very immersive.

  28. is this the first 3d polygons game?

  29. Electric Corral Lakewood Mall. Lakewood Ca. 1981

  30. I remember playing this one a lot as a kid!

  31. It's fascinating how this preceded Battlezone 1998 and Battlezone 2: Combat Commander.


  33. The missiles… Their BOOOOOM sound and tricky maneuver always make me nervous and I can't beat them…

  34. I never lasted much longer after the supertanks showed up

  35. Friday night in the chip shop after Scouts, spending precious pocket money on a few games. I still think the graphics are astoundingly smooth resolution for the time.

  36. This one was flat out fascinating when it came out, vectografics, vector, so vector graphics spell checker, i try to please it since it just wants what´s good enough.
    Sixties up until the end of the eighties and then all fun was gone, someone took it.
    I bet the… OK now i start to talk too much again. I never stop when i start, i have to force myself. Good day

  37. Also Red Baron, one old arcade game you could sit in, what´s that called in English, but it was one of the bigger ones. Blue vector graphics like this and that one was rather rare, i just remember seeing it once. WW 1 planes which came in a squadron of three in the distance and were there blimps as well, maybe.
    Just a suggestion for a clip if it´s to be found and nostalgia.

  38. Without this you would never of had Star Wars. Clear lineage

  39. I learned the guided missiles were easier to hit if you started moving backwards and kept moving backwards as they approached. Most of them would zero in on you while still in front, and head straight for you, giving you a chance to hit them before they impacted.

  40. I used to play this on the big arcade machine. 25 cents.

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