Atari 2600 Longplay Pitfall! (old) -

Atari 2600 Longplay Pitfall! (old)

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Played by Ultima –
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  1. Wow this brings back a lot of memories!

  2. Never realized that was a Tarzan yell, but I guess it makes sense

  3. Is there a way to respond? Everyyime I play this game and fail, It just brings up the load no matter what I try to do

  4. I still remember that I wanted to survive so much that I broke joystick as kid 😀

  5. I love that this full playthrough of Pitfall exists. Instant memories. Thank you!

  6. This is how video games was began . I born at 1982 and I am still playing video games !

  7. You got my heart racing every time you dashed through the end of the screen without jumping for you could have stumbled right into a couple of tumbleweeds

  8. I thought at the end you will fight a monster

  9. Memories one of the first console games I ever played this and river raid

  10. Who came here after hearing the reference from movie "Ready Player One". 'Pitfall! One of the only 2600 games that still hasn't ended' to really check if has an end or not

  11. how come i get more frames on pitfall then i do on Warzone, huh activision??

  12. It amazes me that only games like Frog had a ''the end'' kind of satisfying conclusion for battling.

  13. Are these randomly generated or something? What's with the whole half a screen at the bottom never interacted with? Why is the logo always on screen?

  14. Nine years old playing this at a friend's house… This makes me feel so young again.

  15. Activision came up with some of the better Atari games

  16. What was the point of going down again

  17. a game that had now point, but was very successful. I loved it

  18. I remember summer mornings playing this on my cousins Colecovision!

  19. Лучшая, игра на эту срань)

  20. My 10 year old Son said it’s weird and all pixelated. Lol. This is all we had! He’s in the middle of 3D modeling one of the Roblox games he’s creating BTW. Good stuff.

  21. i like how this is just a minigame in the newer pitfall, but damn this sounds are awful

  22. *******************************************************f *******frogger **(*(((((

  23. Before Uncharted and Tomb Raider,

    there was Pitfall!

  24. Quanti ricordi….. Prima i compiti poi Pitfall!!!!!!

  25. Before the dark times. Before Kotick. Modern-day Activision is only really a name, literally all the founding members left the company in the 80s.

  26. I used to play this game every morning before school.

  27. Original speed run game, right? Whole point is to go as far as possible in 20.

  28. Omg i can make it 2.5 to 2.6 i have so much power rn

  29. You can only beat this game by knowing which tunnels to use in order to collect all 32 treasures before time runs out. Pitfall was far ahead of its time and you can actually beat the game just like Pitfall 2.

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