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Asteroids – Arcade – Top 70s Video Games (Atari 1979)

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Asteroids – arcade. An undisputed classic coin-op machine, designed by Ed Logg. With great arcade controls and compelling gameplay mechanics, this is truly one of the top 70s video games.

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  1. Yuck.. Mame messes up this game so much. You can't see the shots!

  2. Can you believe Hollywood is planning on making this a movie?

  3. You know, I'd rather watch this than some of the crap they show on basic cable XD

  4. I can almost smell the hamburgers.. it's been 32 years..

  5. 懐かしい、小学校のときにやったな、こういうのたまに思い出すといいですよね

  6. Don't that that's actual atari, I've seen this as a flash game on the web before…

  7. I use to play this arcade game years ago. Atari makes a game app for iPhone/iPad that mimics this arcade game to a tee, among lots of other classic games.

  8. the small asteroid destroys the spaceship

  9. Battlefield its better than ANY CoD, im a CoD player and i love it but u must be realist there is a lot of games better than cod

  10. Ah…memories!!! Sometimes the ship's drift would get uncontrollable and you'd be flying all over the screen, unable to control! Good times…

  11. Not the right way to play, you got to MOVE!! from top to bottom an shoot left an right!

  12. Who has to program this for class!
    eagerly raises hand
    I hate video game programming. :/

  13. I don't remember doing anything in this game other than zooming across the screen at light speed, making it appear as though the ship existed several times at once.

    Great memories! I guess.

  14. I made a reboot for fans. It’s called Solaroids.

  15. looks best on an original Arcade …i miss the shiney bullets…glow like stars.

  16. Brings back memories of playing this at the slot-car track centre at Blacktown in Sydney in the early 1980's!

  17. I flipped the game back in 1980. Good times!

  18. why aint it 1080p? also turn on colour you got it in black anmd white mode

  19. my very first home console game, spent endless hours

  20. "Tyler said he got 69,000 points on Asteroids yesterday but he pulled the plug"

  21. I remember, I made a clone of this game 25 years ago when I was just in high school. But I lost my one when my computer died.

  22. nostalgia. tempo bom eu já joguei saudades desse tempo.

  23. What I’d give to go back to these days 🤦‍♂️

  24. Back in the old days, this arcade sensation was my forte! i remember my biggest record : Doing 17 times the maximum score of 10000 points. All in the same game with one quarter!

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