Arcade1Up Street Fighter Home Arcade - Should You Buy One? | RGT 85 -

Arcade1Up Street Fighter Home Arcade – Should You Buy One? | RGT 85

RGT 85
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Arcade1Up brings home smaller sized arcade cabinets at $300. The ArcadeUp Street Fighter II cabinet has Street Fighter II – Champion Edition, Super Street Fighter II and Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. Is this Street Fighter 2 multicabinet worth picking up and how hard is it to build? Let’s find out!

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  1. Sf 2 still holds up! Best childhood ever!!!

  2. I wanted one but it doesn't accept coins. So i dont want it if i cant make money from it.

  3. Can you change the difficulty setting of the computer

  4. They need the OG TMNT ;'(((((( id pre order that in a heart beat!!!!

  5. You can go to the menu by holding down the start button for 5 seconds READ THE MANUAL

  6. Or buy a pandora box with more than 1000 games 😀 I choosed the Pandora, built the arcade by myself, and it's great

  7. My biggest complaint with this cabinet is how crushing the AI is. It's so god damn difficult to beat AI controlled opponents. It's only fun when you play against other humans.

  8. I can't wait for MK 1 2 and 3 to come out. And nba jam… I'll definitely buy them

  9. I just got one of these machines and the screen isn't lighting up :O am I missing something or did I get a dud? lol

  10. 2 players at the same time. Not only will you be fighting in the game but jocking for position in front of screen.

  11. Well all nice build my own and have all games in + Nintendo switch

  12. Wait until you get married and you have to assemble flat pack furniture with a neurotic wife telling you how stupid you are lol
    love you channel mate and I believe life will be a frustrating effort as you grow older 🙂
    PS life in flat pack is hilarious! I get a couple of mates round and a few cans of beer as i find this somewhat dulls the wifes acid comments and I get support and words of wisdom from my mates:)

  13. Dang you scratched the crap out of that screen.

  14. but ….. can it play Crys………….. just joking. Seriously though and most importantly for a more retro ( and pleasing ) look does it have scanline emulation ? withoutout it ancient games on a digital screen look nasty.

  15. I'm dissapointed no world warrior and they have this retarded slow version of the new challengers. Turbo was enough since the mk1 cabinet skipped 3.

  16. Is there a cheaper way to buy the arcade cabinets?

  17. Does the street fighter arcade1up come with a square or octagonal gate?

    And does it come with the plastic glass covering for the top of the controls?

  18. I would buy a TMNT and Power Rangers epic

  19. They should one of NHL Open Ice, NBA Jam and NFL Blitz

  20. I just saw one at a pawn shop for cheap, but neither I nor an employee could figure out how to start the game. After scrolling up to pick Street Fighter II (for example), it says "Push A to select game." Where is the "A" button? We did a bunch of button-mashing, but no luck.

  21. How do the dimensions of this arcade compare to the original arcades from the 1990s?

  22. Street Fighter, Mortal Combat and Daytona USA are 3 games I enjoyed playing as a kid

  23. So happy a scooped one up for $50 after spawn wave announced the sale at walmart in this mornings video. Already have my rp4 ready to drop in… now just need lcd adapter

  24. From where may I buy it in Pakistan?

  25. you hold on player 1 button to go back to menu

  26. The downside is it doesn’t come with a coin mech , and the 6 buttons position 🙁

  27. Why is it blinking "FREE PLAY" instead "INSERT COIN" during the game? That's the only thing that draws me a bit off, or is it possible to change that?

  28. I have a feeling they'll do a SF Alpha and a SF3 cab at some point. That would be a great trilogy of machines to have (should you have room for them!)

  29. It would have been easier had you organized your space first.

  30. I have a quistion plz coment ok im 11 and i buying something with 500$ for my bithday money in amazon and i look on the 1 up arcade but i see 2 that are good the first is street fighter 2 and the second was NBA jam special edition and the street fighter was 449$ and the NBA jam special edition 499$. Witch i get the first or second

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