Arcade1Up Star Wars Arcade Cabinet - REVIEW & GamePlay -

Arcade1Up Star Wars Arcade Cabinet – REVIEW & GamePlay

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The force is strong with Arcade1Up! In this video we show off some game play of each game including the awesome custom settings you can set for each game!

This unit includes a beautiful custom raiser, light-up marquee, new speaker, full range volume control to name just a few highlights.

I’m appreciating features like: full artwork on kick plate and scanline adjustments.

Let me know if you have any questions about the cabinet, I’d be happy to answer them.

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  1. Don’t shoot (use the force) when you’re in the death star until you need to hit the exhaust port….you will get the bonus

  2. I randomly stumbled on this on Ebay – had to come here and check it out.
    Looks great !

  3. How do I switch between games without turning the power off and on? Thanks

  4. I’m still debating this one. Thanks!

  5. How are the games themselves? They seem like maps that are very small.

  6. I subscribed buddy keep up thee Great 👍 Videos! Yours truly
    Mr. Peter Griffen

  7. Just bought mine!!! Will be coming in tomorrow and I can’t wait. I’m 40 and haven’t had this feeling of restlessness for a long long time.

  8. When you're over forty and want to relive your 80's arcade feels.

  9. Im actually disappoint how it isnt return of the jedi for the super nintendo

  10. Thank you for doing this video. Finally got mine assembled today and I love it. Best cab in my collection as of today. Burgertime is ordered and can’t wait for NBA Jam.

  11. Looks awesome! I own an original 1983 Star Wars Arcade machine into which I have also added The Empire Strikes Back. I bought it at least 11 years ago. It has a 19 inch tube screen. In my 20's I used to drive around Northern Indiana and put the high score on the machines. I mastered the game and could play for hours on a single quarter. My highest score was 7 million only because I became tired of playing the game. At any rate, I am so happy to see that Arcade1Up has created this game. It does have a huge advantage over mine, this weighs 92 pounds while mine is several hundred pounds.

  12. This is a great idea but I wish these companies whould go the extra mile and put of parts.and bords instead of emulator s it is such old technology it could be replicated for cheap

  13. How is the controller? The original arcade cabinet had a heavy duty feel. It was metal, sturdy, smooth and the thumb switches were translucent red and super clicky. This controller looks plastic?

  14. How did they not give us the arcade version of starwars?

  15. Anybody know how many levels it has per title?

  16. I just got this at for 350$ with riser and a free stormtrooper robot. It's supposed to be arriving today and I'm super excited!

  17. Yeah, thats not a "custom rizer", thats a mass-produced rizer. Buying an arcade1up isn't worth it at all unless you're going to raspberry pi.

  18. Fantastic review my friend Thank you. Cant wait to get mine.

  19. You don't have the cool version with seats womp womp

  20. I bought mine in January. 6 months the pcb fried. Black screen and no sound. Contacted customer support and they said “ sorry, out of warranty, you can purchase part on the website. “. 😡. I replied a rant reply back. Haven’t heard anything back yet. It’s only been a hour since. Wait and see if they reply. So I went to the website to see how much the pcb is and they are OUT OF STOCK!! WTF!!?

  21. Ganho um escrito se puder retribuir agradeço vale pra quem quiser troca inscrito me avisa eu se escrevo de volta

  22. I have an original upright Starwars cab…I would like to have a go on one of these 1up cabs to compare it to an original…

  23. Oh the nostalgia! I remember playing the first game back on my dad's Atari ST. The real challenge now: How to convince my girlfriend that we need this in our apartment?!?

  24. i never saw the reason for scan lines…i feel HD is better

  25. I was excited until he said…. Atari.

  26. I had return of the jedi on the amiga was one of my favourite games

  27. I wanted to purchase the Battle pod instead but it’s $30,000 like what 🤯🤯🤯

  28. I remember Rogue Squadron III (might have been II) bad a mode where you could play the two vector graphic games. Good memories

  29. The friggn commercials are ridiculous in this video…

  30. My son saw this he was like What is that .he is used to playing battlefront. Lol he always reminds me how old I am this was cool back in the day at the arcade.

  31. My first Arcade 1up cabinet and I couldn't be happier with it!!!

  32. Scan lines does not refer to "Burn In" as your commentary indicates… Scan lines is short for "raster scan lines"… A traditional GO7 Monitor or Matsachita monitor which would have been installed in the Original Return of the Jedi Arcade Game rasters the picture by drawing up and down each row 640 times from left to right 60 times per second. An LCD doesn't generate the raster scan lines that the original monitor did so the scan line generator is an added bonus to a guy who wants a more traditional look and feel… Or another way to put it is the "babies who own the real deals wine about the picture quality when it doesn't show the raster scan lines as the scan lines added perfection to the image as to where an LCD monitor makes the images look more blocky and crisp because it doesn't have the after glow of the phosphorus generated to make objects appear to be round where they were supposed to appear that way traditionally with a low resolution CGA monitor. The vector "glow" feature is also to simulate that "glow" a monitor traditional vector monitor would produce again from the phosphorus being illuminated in in the tube.

  33. I got this as a Christmas gift from my wife. We had a real problem with those 'J' blocks, as the pre-drilled holes did not line up with the control panel. It was very stressful, especially for my wife, as she just wanted everything to unfold smoothly. I also own the TMNT cabinet, and didn't have any issues. When it was all said and done, we did get the Star Wars cabinet up and running, but it took some drilling/reconfiguring of our own. The control stick (yoke?) also rests off angle ,and while it steers well, it physically looks like it needs an alignment.

    Thanks for the video, I enjoyed your content.


  34. Hey, sorry to bother you. I have been trying to find the Star Wars cabinet, but it's sold out everywhere and only available for way over retail. Since you seem pretty well informed with regard to arcade1up, I was just wondering if you had any sense of whether or not there will be restock of this cabinet. I don't want you to compromise any confidences. I just don't want to blow my money or get hosed trying to get one. Thank you. I enjoy your channel.

  35. Great review. I just got mine. I love this Arcade 1 Up.

  36. I have purchased 3 Arcade1up cabinets and all 3 had misalligned screw holes. For Star Wars, I had to dtill or widen 3 holes.

  37. Thanks for the review, I've just ordered mine. How is the yoke holding up? Any issues with the triggers, etc?

  38. Just got this delivered today. Currently crying. V happy 🥲

  39. I don’t remember playing Star Wars much at the arcade, so it doesn’t have much nostalgic for me.. though I loved the original movies… Going to the theater I don’t know how many times for Star Wars IV. The Arcade1up Star Wars game looks great though. For serious Star Wars fans (original trilogy) it should be a buy and regardless.

  40. Just bought mine today, 2nd hand but in immaculate condition.

  41. The sound is way to loud when you enter a game. I always have to turn it down then up when I get in to the game.guess you edited the noise out . It's my one problem with the cabnit everything else is good!

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