Arcade1Up Mortal Kombat / Midway Legacy Cabinet Arcade Machine! 12 Games -

Arcade1Up Mortal Kombat / Midway Legacy Cabinet Arcade Machine! 12 Games

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Today’s video we are talking about the upcoming Arcade1up Midway Legacy cabinet arcade machine that comes with 12 games including the famous fighting game Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat II, and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 along with 9 other bonus games. My thoughts on the arcade machine and what I think about it. Please let me know in the comments below what you think about the new arcade1up machine. Thanks for watching Twisted Gaming!


  1. I managed to sneak a Midway legacy cabinet order when back when gamestop had it live on their website and pulled it same day. Now weeks later did I do the right thing? IDK man. Lol. I keep going back and forth on this one.

  2. whats up with you and arcade1ups….?? theyre pieces of garbage brother. are they slipping you some money ? you used to hate them now last 2 vids youre talking about them. now legends and mvsx is where its at

  3. Need those handlebars to play paperboy properly lol

  4. I honestly can’t get behind the design of the cab. The way the marquee is, the vinyl coin door. I was hoping for an original 3/4 scale cabinet but oh well.

  5. This is nice and great line up of games. Art work is great love it. But the cab should be to the exact original cab or close to it and a 19" screen.

  6. Sounds to me that tekken and/or soul caliber is on the horizon

  7. Another toobin’ fan, if I ever saw a machine anywhere I’d throw in a few quarters. Just put together a Star Wars Arcade1up with the GRS Yoke and a Dell 21” 2007FB monitor mod. Looking to eventually kit it out with the KongsR’us StarCade LaunchBox upgrade mods for it with my friend and kids.

    Other than a Golden Tee this would be the only other cab I’d consider getting outside of a real or virtual pinball table. The games it comes with would stop me from feeling the need to add in a coin ops setup or something along those lines. I have a few modded OGXbox’s setup with coin ops and an Xarcade Tankstick and trackball for most of the retro stuff but it’s always nice to have a couple stand up cabs even if they’re replicas.

  8. I know it’s the LCD, but I was so disappointed in the previous MK cab graphics.

  9. That girl rolling around on the bed… I liked that part 😂

  10. now I can't unsee that recessed marquee. Still going to get this one though. Thanks for the video.

  11. The smash tv/robotron/ total carnage cab? Is that your secret? Pretty sure that's been floating around out there already. We know it's coming.

  12. Why do they never include REGULAR MK3? That was a thing for a while before UMK3.

    Had stuff that was specific to that version as well right?

  13. So funny—I just saw a guy on FB say they liked your channel today and now your channel is the first to pop up on my YouTube. Subbed!

  14. I have the original MK from them. I’m not a fan because the original is ass compared to this one but I guess they gotta make profit. Smh

  15. Seems that Chris has reversed his position on Arcade1up

  16. Worth it alone just for Rampage, Paperboy and Toobin'. We all know MK knocks Street Fighter out of the park. If you're limited on space and love the games, its a win win.

  17. I had the original Arcade1up MK cab and recently sold it, because I now have a full-size 4 player cab with a Pi4 and 18,000 games including every game on this new MK cab.

  18. Great Arcade 1up news! I still have the first Arcade 1up Mortal Kombat with the 3 games and still enjoy it. I got the Arcade 1up riser, upgraded the springs on the joysticks, and got a light up marquee. I’m happy with it. I think I’ll keep it for a while.

  19. I couldnt agree more ! I'm getting this for TOOBIN alone !

  20. I feel like they should leave out the sticker coin door decals on the more expensive cabs that have a riser and light up marquee. Give the more expensive ones the plastic raised coin doors, it would be excellent if they would light up too! Leave the decal coin doors on the less expensive models. If they could do with this cab what they are planning to do with the KI design on the marquee that would be nicer too.

  21. The marquee and "wings" are a huge fail. As is the deck recessed below the sides… I couldn't care less about a dozen games vs. getting the cabinet design right.

  22. Their Killer instinct cabinet coming out deffenetly maybe the X-Men konami one too but if the secret one coming is house of the dead im shittin the bed. Not a fan of this mk one at all. Artwork is better and thats it

  23. for paperboy and toobin im down ! but i really dont want it if theres no light up marquee and ive been wondering why arcade1up removed streetfighter 3 from their arcades and sit down cab ??? i also would give anything for a house of the dead 1-3 cab !!

  24. Lol that sticker coin door is to funny!!

  25. Jason's House of Fun and Video Games says:

    Sounds like an awesome cabinet! Great job with the vid Chris! 👊

  26. Great choice going with MK legacy. Sadly Arcade1up is not doing anything supply us with more units of the first gen MK & TMNT, & now you see these scalpers putting these for up to $600-$1,000 which is not worth it. So iwonder what are they going to do for those who did not have the chance to put their hands on those unit!

  27. It looks pretty sweet to me. I just moved to a different state and sold half my cabs. I think I’ll have to pick that one up. Another great video twisted!

  28. Chris I am surprised you don't have a real Toobin – personally the look of it is really cool. Had a friend which had one. Liked how the Marquee did a river type effect to it. Check it out! if you have not. But yeah surprised that Arcade1up isn't doing a Cabinet of it!

  29. I need and want Donkey Kong/Jr, NFL Blitz, Soul Caliber, Silver Strike Bowling, House of the Dead, and Tekken! Keep up the good work

  30. These things are the biggest pieces of crap. The input/button lag is so atrocious, it's basically unplayable to anyone who knows how the real arcade works. I tried to play it once and that was it. Can't wait to see how the hell you're supposed to play Toobin, Defender, Paperboy, or any of the other games on an MK-based control panel setup. What a joke. Toobin uses 5 buttons and no joystick. They're an absolute insult to anyone who grew up playing these games in the 80's and 90's.

  31. Toobin! Man I completely forgot about that game the memories playing the game👌

  32. Has there been any confirmation of Wifi on the cab?

  33. When's the swimsuit calendar coming out with the blond model at the beginning I don't know what you just said about arcade1up at I can't get that blond bombshell out of my mind Lord have mercy

  34. Why didn't they add MK3 for that cabinet? They added all 5 different versions of Street Fighter 2 games for the Capcom Legacy cabinet, even on the Cocktail cabinet, but they couldn't add 2 different version MK3 games for Midway Classic. That doesn't feel complete.

  35. Would've loved UMK3 graphics on the cabinet! Already have the MK2 one 🙃

  36. When you say you know info about new arcade coming out? Will it be out this year? Because I’m really interested in this cabinet but if you say to wait then I will!

  37. I thought you don't rock with A1U anymore?

  38. Toobins a great addition I love that game especially in the arcade I have been looking for the Nes tengen cart at every con I can’t find it anywhere

  39. I want them to make the cab look right and I want an mk 1 graphics cab

  40. the Tubin Arcade game was awesome and fun as hell, I would also buy it just for that game.

  41. wish it had Gauntlet 2 we could go into the hidden room

  42. Toobin was my jam back in the day up at the bowling alley…. good times

  43. Who buys such sh!@#, when you can buy much better products with thousands of games at same prices?!

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