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Arcade Sounds | Retro Video Game and Pinball Sound Effects | 80s Arcade & Nostalgic Gaming Ambience

Virtual Crickets
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A simulation of what walking around in an arcade many years ago would have sounded like, with all of the music, sound effects, and other auxiliary sounds you might expect to hear. Unfortunately, at least in America, busy Arcades with good games and fair prices are mostly a thing of the past. :C

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  1. This sound is what my brain is like at any given time….

  2. Oh my god its the new Penelope Scott song

  3. Unfortunately, we didn't have any are arcades where I grew up. I am exempt from the nostalgia. Still sounds pretty cool, though!

  4. there were arcades in both malls in the town i grew up in (can't remember if the low rent mall had one). we had flicker's & jolly time / time out, i think. they closed in the mid-90's, i'd guess. this is music to my ears.

  5. Perfect for study and sleep. :)) Thanks for this relaxing music. Good night from Arcadeia. 😪

  6. We had one at this small mall where they had almost every arcade machine of street fighter from 1-4 including the alpha seres but noooo they had to close

  7. Throw some 80's pop/rock music in the background for extra listening pleasure. I was listening to DuranDuran and this, epic.

  8. so about 10 miles south of Washington DC is an area called Springfield which used to have a mall (YES! lol) and they had not only a Time Out on the top floor, but a Time Out II on the bottom floor! Time Out itself outlasted most of the mall, was one of the last businesses to close down when the mall finally closed in early 2010's. But best part is, they renovated mall into a Town Center and it now has a Dave and Busters, so not all is lost lol

  9. Time out/dream machine/aladdin’s castle/tilt. Been to em all. However, for my so cal friends, who remembers cyber station?

  10. Is it weird i listen to this to go to sleep it puts me to sleep lmao

  11. Got a warm little feeling in my heart reminds of being 8 or 9 and walking around our local mall. I'm gonna throw some cheap pizzas in the oven and play some more later to really set the atmosphere 😆

  12. I'm playing Street Fighter II with this in the background… and now, I feel like I'm in Aladdin's Castle again!

    Who wants to play me?!

  13. There really isn't anything like the ambiance of a good arcade. The dim lighting, the distant cacophony of sounds from all the games, the smell of cheap fried foods; it's just cozy. It feels right. Nerd heaven has one and all the change machines are free use and never out of order.

    PS I distinctly hear the theme of Big Blue from F-Zero in here.

  14. Reminds me of Galaxy Arcade in Honey Creek Square Mall in Terre Haute, IN.

  15. I can hear the Loop too easily and the fact that F-Zero is playing the whole time is very distracting considering it's not even an arcade game.

  16. It sucks that arcades today don’t sound like this.

  17. Memories of a place called Rays Boom Boom Room.

  18. wheres all the people shouting OOOOOOH for the street fighter tournaments or dance dance revolution? wheres the demo of tmnt when no one is playing it?

  19. Man, I wish I could have one near me. All I have right now is a small emulator. Planning on getting an arcade cabinet soon though.

  20. Ocean City Maryland board walk. FUNSCAPE.2 big arcades next to each other OMG i love utube. Always someone with a video that shares ur interests

  21. Sounds like everything playing the same time nonstop not natural

  22. I’m getting Dav & buster and Jacks Warehouse vibes

  23. This is just cacophonous auditory overload. Sounds more like a carnival than an arcade.

  24. I can tune out the other noises and hear wakwakawaka of pacman 😂

  25. omg I love this is so fits with my music and goes well with it! I have been in an arcade recently it feels like you have traveled in time back when all the games were so popular!

  26. "Ok son here's $20, let's meet at the food court by 4"

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