Arcade Repair Tips - Wiring An Arcade Cabinet Using The JAMMA Standard -

Arcade Repair Tips – Wiring An Arcade Cabinet Using The JAMMA Standard

Arcade Repair Tips
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Welcome to the Arcade Repair Tips Video Series! In this video, Tim Peterson shows you how to wire an arcade cabinet using the JAMMA standard. For more information, please visit our website at and please watch for more videos in the Arcade Repair Tips Video Series! Thanks for watching!


  1. I'm having a problem in connecting the speakers wires. Please help!

  2. Dear Sir I speaking from Bangladesh. I am a arcade gaming business man. I have a couple of video game shop in my city. My gamer is fell bore to play of pandora or those similar game. So I need to some new multi game with jamma pcb accordingly. In fact neo geo, capcom, konami or other jamma pcb platform has not attract the new generation gamer. So i need a new gaming jamma pcb board like Fifa 11, 12 or 13, need for speed underground, tekken 6 or 7, house of dead 2, call of duty like others. So is this possible to make a jamma pcb board on these game for business? may be those game will be format a arcade version mode. because my all gaming machine was build with arcade cabinet box system. so let me know sir, can you make my new game in jamma pcb formet. its busness purposes for based each player can play coin system.

  3. Brilliant vid, just watched and subbed. Building my first cabinet this has been a real help! Thanks from the UK 🇬🇧

  4. Hey! I'm grabbing a 60 in 1 soon and I want to use a VGA monitor and ATX power supply. What would you do with the unused JAMMA wires on the harness linked to a CGA monitor and arcade power supply preferably without snipping the wires outright?

  5. How did you get the vga board to run with a crt monitor?

  6. How can I add a coin button, been all over youtube looking for a video that shows how to wire it.

  7. How do u connect video to old monitor thanks Lawrence

  8. Wonderful job explaining this! Thanks ofr the share! Awesome stuff

  9. Thumbs down given because he doesn’t answer his subscribers questions

  10. I have area 51 , I cant get to the menu to calibrate the light gun there is 2 buttons behind the coin machine the first one does nothing and the second resets the game . How do I get to the menu ?

  11. Hi buddy im new to this.ive built an arcade table.player 1 one end player 2 the other question is which im stuck on is ive done the wiring on player one side.but when move to other side player two the ground dont reach you get about 6 spades to conect the rest are going across the center of table .which you cant use .can you xtend these in anyway so to ground everthing as it should be ..thank you

  12. This guy dont answer shit..when he does answer its just were going live on blah blah day.people want to kno now not in f.ckin 2089.ffs

  13. How do you get the sound..yes i no through speakers lol..but how is it hooked up.thanks buddy

  14. great vid, i have a small youtube gaming channel and am building a jamma arcade now. very informative

  15. how do you wire the coin mech? pin 16 on the harness? thanks

  16. Hi I have a 60 in 1 card it works fine with a VGA LCD monitor but if I connect it to a cga monitor it just displayed banded coloured lines I have switch the jumper on the card as indicated by the instructions but still no result

  17. Really good video. Thanks for the details. Many vids just say "Do this and do that" WTF. Thanks for the clear explanations.

  18. So, you wired the lights to the same 12v on the power supply??

  19. Please help my monitor just went out using the jamma system I have sound no picture I have a new computer monitor should I just replace the monitor or is it a fuse or something

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