Arcade Repair Tips - Opening An Arcade Cabinet -

Arcade Repair Tips – Opening An Arcade Cabinet

Arcade Repair Tips
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Welcome to the Arcade Repair Tips Video Series! In this video, Tim Peterson talks about how to open up an arcade cabinet so that you can gain access to the parts inside. For more information, please visit our website at and please watch for more videos in the Arcade Repair Tips Video Series! Thanks for watching!


  1. So I bought an arcade game from the coinopstore back in 2016. Apparently now they are being charged with selling fake games. Anyways, the game worked great, has over 64 games and I really enjoyed it. Last week, I moved it from 1 room to another and now nothing displays on the monitor. The games start up and you can hear the noise of the game, but cannot see anything on the monitor. Any suggestions.?

  2. "Today we play, Psp's"
    Damn, time flies by. This was recorded 10 years ago.
    I'm 18 and I am getting so interested on arcade machines. I wanna build my own one day

  3. Hi im in bham england and built monarch automatics video masters for years. Also converted all sorts of video games to new programs. So if you need help contact me.

  4. Hey I have a tetris arcade machine, is there an audio on/off control? My audio does not work but appears to be hooked up propertly.

  5. My pac man is not working the screen is glitcing need help

  6. Thank you for the info I have Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition trying to learn about the board and joysticks

  7. you are my most favourite youtuber i love your videos

  8. Just bought Raiden and I'm having trouble getting it to turn on. Looked for power switch and can not find one. There is nothing on the top of the game where some of the older game have it. The person would bought it from turned it on. We drove 20 miles and are having troubles. Any hints, possible the extension cord is the wrong kind, going to buy a voltage tester today to see if there is voltage going through. Thank you

  9. Dude where is the video for that test button ?..?

  10. Hey there, can you please do a video or assembly and take down of Sega Super GT Twin/Scud. I took mine down 6 months ago an then got super busy now I’m not so sure about all connectors and screws. Thank you!!!

  11. About to start work as a game tech at D&B. Soild principles even for newer games, thank you.

  12. "and I could hide in there" lol but seriously thanks for the help man

  13. hi guys… maybe someone can help me with a question i have …. i bought a old used arcade cabinet from a guy…. he somehow done this…… he has somehow managed to bend most the pins completely off . im talk I g about the pins on the neck tube that connect to the neck board. can anyone help me with a fix for this or am i stuck buying a completely new monitor . thanks for the help

  14. Hello I have the ue13 error message for NBA JAM Tournament Edition, I've replace the cmos battery once and it went away, but now it's back and with a new battery still there and screen is hazy, please I need help

  15. Hola Tengo una street fighter 2 original el mueble con forma de a y no se como se abre porq atrás viene sellada y me falta un cable de conexión.agradezco ayuda

  16. Hello. I just got my first "Die Hard Arcade" machine. I'm new to this, how can I switch the free play to coin play?

  17. hi I bought a silver line 26 cabinet with jamma street fighter inside and the cab won't fit up the stairs , i think i need to dismantle the cab , do you or anyone else have any ideas  thanks

  18. Where can I find some schematics for my cabinet? Just to let you know it's need for speed gt leader

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