Arcade monitor swap, CRT to LCD - Brad Tratzinski -

Arcade monitor swap, CRT to LCD – Brad Tratzinski

Brad Tratzinski
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In this video we will take the screen out of a dead Guerrilla War cabinet and replace it with an LCD computer monitor.

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  1. How would you power on the monitor if you put the bezel and glass back on?

  2. Now I wish I had kept my upright Defender machine. It may have been a while until those RGB converter boards and LCD monitors came along (I sold it in 1997 for $80), but I could have really used one of those converter boards.

  3. It makes my head hurt to look at those LCD screens. I hate it and the old games look horrible on them

  4. There is an arcade in the city north of me in which their owners are gutting the CRTs out of their cabinets and replacing all of them with LCD screens. Out of the several games they have, only their 80s classic arcade cabinets like Galaga, Ms. Pacaman and Donkey Kong are actually authentic.

    The two KI cabinets they have are clearly gutted frames with LCD monitors, a PC board, and a printed marquee.
    It's disgusting to me to pay 15 dollars for free play on gutted arcade cabinets. I went there in may and beheld an original Ghosts N' Goblins cabinet, and when I came back there yesterdy – Gutted. LCD monitor. No game in it…just a hollow cabinet.

    Go up front and he's ripping a CRT out of an operation wolf cabinet.
    Never going back there again.

  5. I have basic knowledge of cab wiring. Was this hard to wire? My monitor went on my MVS and I’ve been looking for a solution.

  6. Thinking of buying ive with actual guns. Just don't know how I would go about considering the gun aiming system.
    Great job

  7. Folks it's dude's game….it's a handy video for folks who's old monitor has died. I appreciate the content. However…saying that an lcd can replace a crt….it cannot(not addressing the content provider here). Scanlines are not the only effect(and IMO it's the least important thing about crt)….phosphor glow that smooths out the jaggies and gives the game that "pop" off the screen is what's lost when going to lcd. Old games look harsh and jaggied out on an lcd. Also, latency is non-existent on a crt and on an lcd it's pretty high in comparison. On those old games, which are always pretty brutal it's definitely something that can effect gameplay. Still think this video is handy for folks who's monitor has died, thanks for the content! Even old console systems look better on a tube tv than a new one. I keep an old school tv for my Ataris and classic nintendos.

  8. Do you have a sheet sheet on what wires to solder on the motherboard when you swap to the new lcd?

  9. i treid to convert my 8 liner cherry master game but i cant stop the screen from bouncing up and down

  10. I have an old SNK P.O.W. with a crappy screen, Had the game at least 13 years and will do just what you did. thanks, may bug you later if I run into a question.

  11. LOL you can get a TV for 10 bucks jajajajaja, what an idiot, you are a shame to the arcade comunity.

  12. Worthless video. The only thing people doing this conversion are interested is wiring. Any moron can mount the LCD screen in the bezel. How do you power the LCD monitor? How are you powering your converter card?The monitor requires you to turn it on with a button push how are you supposed to do this every time?

  13. I liked that game…. it was a Ikari Warriors variant.

  14. Great video! My Pole Position crap monitor just died. Going to have to try this route but have no damn idea what wires to tap into…

  15. Even though I prefer cabinets with it's original screen, I have no problem with an LCD conversion. Purists will go on about phosphorous glow, and smoother edges, but the truth is: it just doesn't matter as long as you enjoy it. It's your arcade, and you gave it a new life by changing the monitor. For me that's far more important.

  16. What model number Acer monitor was that? Thanks

  17. Gross. If you are an arcade owner, dont ever switch out to an LCD. It looks cheap, the games weren't developed with then in mind, screen tears, poor display, resolution. Theres more reason to pay a guy to fix your machine than risk killing yourself for a ghetto machine.

  18. This was very helpful. I needed to take out a CRT monitor and replace it with a LCD in an original Arkanoid game. The CRT seemed to work momentarily, but slowly shorted out (included causing smoke coming from under the flyback transformer on the motherboard) so replacing it with a 19" kit from Amazon was necessary.

    I would input that knowing what wires go to which wires was something to go look up also. This forum post was helpful: They are essentially Red, Blue, Green, Ground (black) and Sync. Yellow is not used in my game. Anything that's not red, blue, green, yellow or black goes to the same sync line.

    Now if I can just get the spinner working or replaced…. Wish me luck!

  19. How do you wire a lcd monitor to the power supply? I currently have to use a remote to power it on and off. Thanks


  21. Dealing with capkits and pulling the monitor's out and figuring stuff out sucks. I was a purist and still am a bit but don't mind an LCD in place of a crt.

  22. Guerilla war was the same arcade I modded

  23. I put one of these 19 inch monitors in a taito rally bike and picture keeps jumping around once every 20 seconds n not syncing booting up with all green screen or square image.. What am i doing wrong?

  24. Well that brought the value down for that arcade. Big time. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  25. What about adapt a new crt on these? Isn’t possible? I mean a pvm or even Sony trinitro. Lcd usually looks crap

  26. Nice. You should put a MAME PC in there too and throw that old boardset away. While you're at it, why not change those horrible joysticks and replace them with a gaming keyboard and mouse?

  27. Are you powering the video converter with a 5v or 12v cable? Cuz i'm having a hard time getting mine to power on.

  28. Great video. Question….using that PC monitor ..which I am assuming is one that the adjustment and power button on the front face…do you just have to remove the plexi and other layers if you need to make any adjustments? I am having a dilemma deciding if that is something I want to do if I go with PC monitor as a replacement

  29. This was a lot of help to boost my confidence but my Ms. PacMan machine was nothing like yours. After buying three different monitors on eBay… I finally got a Dell 19” 4:3 ratio. It turns out I already had a Janna card in my machine but I bought a VGA converter anyway, so decided it use it. I still cannot figure out where the yellow and gray wires go (vert/horizontal) and the very top line of text is nearly all cut off. Besides that, the plastic trim that is concave to match the CRT is not tight, but the video quality is amazing and makes me love the arcade machine so much more!

  30. i love this, going to do this to one of my arcade machines.

  31. I hope to GOD, u replaced that thick garbage screen

  32. Hi there, What was the name of the RGB converter you was using?

  33. paul eller internet business channel says:

    do you know how to make the screen light up on a ms pacman machine?

  34. Did not find this video very informative, didn't need instruction on hanging a screen in a box, was looking for the wiring end of it, and parts/ what and where to get to complete task

  35. How did you rig it up where it all turns on at the same time? I can’t find an example of how to do that. Can someone please assist me?

  36. Ruined. It was better witha broken crt. Least it didn't have input delay amd look like crap

  37. Do you leave your monitor on all the time? Or have a way to turn the monitor on and off with the computer?

  38. Thanks Brad. Very helpful! Wanted to do the same and looking for a 2 button 2 player vertical game. Any suggestions on cabinets to look out for?

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