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Arcade Machine Buyers Guide

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In this awesome guide to arcade machines, we take you through the maze of choices.

We explain about the pros and cons of buying a dedicated machine, whether it be a vintage classic or a newer more recent model.

Multi-game machines are really popular, both in the upright and cocktail formats. We take you through the options available, explaining the key differences and features to look for.

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  1. I have an original Super Pac-Man and an original Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga (Class of 81) with 25" CRT, both full size dedicated uprights. I even keep it on quarters. I bought Super Pac-Man 12 years ago for $999, it's now worth minimum $2500. I just bought Class of '81 for $1000 during COVID, he needed $, I can get $3k for it, but I'll never sell, I love my classics. If you're looking for a classic move fast, CRT's getting hard to find, collectors don't want LCD's.

  2. My MAME system is on an early 2000s 32 bit Windows Vista home PC (yes, I know it's junk but it was free and I managed to get it to work with my limited skills.) I have a SlikStik Classic 2 player arcade console with 2 eight way joysticks, 1 four way joystick, 1 tornado spinner and a large LED illuminated trackball with 24 buttons, projected onto 120" projector screen on my basement wall and a 250 watt sound system…

  3. Does anyone know where the "GamePro 60 Upright" is available for buying?

  4. I want to sell my to games if same one are interested

  5. im specifically interested or in the market of buying a house of the dead dedicated machine for my home

    Any of them works too, wether its the first, second, third, or fourth game doesn't matter!

  6. My Favourite Arcade Games:
    1. Pacman
    2. Space Invaders
    3. Centipede
    4. Qbert
    5. Asteroids
    6. Frogger
    7. Breakout
    8. Joust
    9. Defender
    10. Galaga
    11. Ms. Pacman
    12. Tetris

  7. mate can u use these in a commercial setting like a shop??? is it legal ?

  8. I was thinking of that if i want to buy time crisis 2

  9. Are y'all still here I want the open an arcade

  10. Hi wants to open a game parlour with all this machine …need guide

  11. I'm personally building my own 4 person arcade cabinet with a fully built gaming pc in it and a 4k monitor in it just buying my own shell for it with a vinyl and putting in everything from the buttons to the speakers haha

  12. Hi can you please tell me the name of the game at 5 mins .I used to play that game all the time when I was. Younger had great fun .Thnk

  13. XrisM is the BEST arcade machine builder in the world. He’s the guy that Shaq and Jay Z call when they want an arcade machine. No two machines are alike and there’s like a 2 year waiting list. The guy is an artist. He’s also invented a lot of the stuff arcade machine builders use today. He’s the Elvis of arcade machines builders. THE KING.

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