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Arcade Longplay [856] Paperboy

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Played by: georgc3

You play as paperboy deliver newspapers to subscribers to score points and throwing newspapers to non-subscribers to to cause damage. Failing to deliver newspapers and causing damage to subscribers’ property results in the loss of their subscription. You avoid obstacles on your way. –
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  1. Great game! Although I'm most familiar with the nes version.

  2. I have Paperboy cartrigde Atari 2600.!!

  3. There sure are a lot of Addams family members living on this street.

  4. Does anyone remember getting on the Grand Slam leaderboard without actually completing all 7 days? As I remember it, when you do the Training Course section, if you hit the exact spot at the end, just to the right of the yellow line where the grass is, you could continue on to another Training Course, and keep doing so over and over, and it would increase your score exponentially, automatically putting you on the Grand Slam leaderboard. I'm not sure if it was an intentional cheat but it was fun either way.

  5. I always felt this guy deserved a raise for the crap he put up with each day of the week.

  6. The graphics, sound, and voice clips are quite impressive for 1985. And Atari was quite humorous with their arcade games back in the 80's.

  7. I remember playing this in the Lego dimensions.

  8. Wow this might be the worst player I’ve ever seen! Lol! That being said, love the video for the nostalgia!

  9. Could not help but notice when on the last guy, you went into "Billy Mitchel" mode.

  10. i used to spend my paper route money to play paperboy!

  11. I grew up with the Genesis port. It was pretty darn addicting.

  12. Susan where's the car keys, that paperboy gonna be here any minute!

  13. Georgie fix that description, your not in kindergarten

  14. Man, we used to play this on Commodore 64… Good times!

  15. Got this on PS1 in 98 and played my nephew who did Easy st..I now play my kids on this lock down and can do Midway..and 60% on hardway….the training course is hard to steer on PS1 controller….he seems to have better controls ? It's a hard game for sure and I bet 80 % never completed it???

  16. Back in the olden days, i was so good at Paperboy. I had a hit rate of 90% to get all the papers into the mail boxes. But then, i got old. And so did you!

  17. Would be nice if any of these longplays featured people who actually knew how to play the god damned game. Try easy next time, fvcker.

  18. Lol that is the worst attract mode I have ever seen. The font to advertise how to play and the demo gameplay makes it look too hard already lol!

  19. I cant belive the news papers say blah blah blah blah

  20. me in 2021: hey son. let me show you a cool game i used to pay in the '80s called "paperboy."
    my son: what's a paperboy?

  21. 12-15 looks like they are wearing facemasks.

  22. The handlebars were great- the sound effects and music great – great idea for a video game, loved the dudes fighting was hilarious – I loved going on vacations and walking in an unfamiliar mall and finding a new arcade the smell, the sparkling lights and sounds. Hell Yea!!

  23. What a crappy ending to the game.

  24. I can say this was on the Midway Legacy arcade cabinet

  25. In one sense, this game may as well have been called Paperboy's Revenge.

  26. Each of those Sunday papers weigh 55 pounds. 55 pounds each!

  27. I guess the old woman with the rolling pin is only in the NES version.

  28. What the hell is going on in Friday with the tricycles?

  29. This game also came out on the NES with Mindscape as it's publisher.

  30. Wow this looks so much better than the NES version i owned as a kid

  31. Good at getting papers right in the mailboxes but you're way too nice to your non-customers. Need to be more destructive in that regard. So easy to break some of those houses' windows and get some serious points, even on the Hard Way.

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