Arcade Longplay [721] Marvel Super Heroes -

Arcade Longplay [721] Marvel Super Heroes

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Played by: Valis77

00:56 Spiderman
20:38 BlackHeart
40:58 JuggerNaut
57:49 Hulk
1:14:31 Magneto
1:30:57 Wolverine
1:48:50 Iron Man
2:07:14 Captain America
2:24:08 Psylocke
2:41:24 Shuma Gorath –
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  1. If capcom do a sequel to marvel superheroes they need to put the fantastic 4 and more of the x-men also call out the combo like in marvel vs capcom 3

  2. My uncle had one of these arcade cabinets in their general Lake store… really cool!

  3. Nothing gets better when you find this in a pizza place in your bday😂😂😂

  4. To Captain America There was the possibility of breaking a part of the costume.

  5. By FAR my favorite fighting game of all time! I was in Japan playing for hrs on a single quarter back in the day! Need this in my life!

  6. Sees Mephisto in the background
    Sees Spider-Man's ending where he's with his wife Mary Jane
    Wait, so was OMD Mephisto's revenge for Spider-Man beating Thanos in this?!

  7. There is a whole army of Marvel Characters, but this game only gives you 10.

  8. Good one. I still play it once in a while on PC

  9. I was the king of this game back in the days at the Boyz Club

  10. I have a faster rate of speed than Tyson Fury.

  11. I had this game for Retro Gaming that I bought online but don't know how to do none of the moves or how to use the Infinity Stones doesn't come with an instruction manual great graphics though even for back in the day to now

  12. Used to go to the comic store to play this all the time.😬

  13. 2:35:32
    ウルヴァリンVSオレンジ 色の袋泥棒(アトランティス)

  14. man o man I love the music in this game!

  15. I remember playing this in the laundromat and asking my mom for coins every time

  16. Japanase Version Playable Thanos, Doctor Doom and Anita

  17. 1:37 Captain America lost his shield! 2:24 Now he retrieved it!

  18. Marvel camcop juego de arcade maquinitas.

  19. Duración : del juego arcade 3:00:36 marvel jueves 29 de abril del año 2021 03:26 p.m.semana 18'%&#@; dia 118 faltan 247 por transcurrir.

  20. If Stan Lee was alive, he´ll be glad for playing this game.

  21. MARVEL's iconic fighting game adaptation was released between 1994/95 and still seen into 2020s due to highly respect of FGC, Marvel fans (both comic fans and MCU fans) and CAPCOM fans. We need Marvel vs. CAPCOM 4, Marvel vs. Street Fighter 2 (including new rosters such as Laura, entire Final Fight characters such as Guy), Avengers vs. Street Fighter.

  22. Oh shit, I didn't know you could kick Thanos' big purpley wrinkley ass, now I wanna play even more 😭

  23. to win just spam the two green buttons at the same time with wolverine

  24. This game should have it's sequel marvel super heroes 2

  25. Why the hell does World of Longlpays allow people to upload stretched footage? This is supposed to be a definitive look at the game and it looks like shit.

  26. Friends can't live with them can't live without them.

  27. As a kid I use love the hell out of this game especially when they use to bust out of the tv screen when they were headed to the VS screen 💯💯🔥🔥👏🏾👏🏾 GOD I MISS THE 1990s

  28. I feel like they missed an opportunity to re-release this game on current gen consoles when End Game got released in theaters.

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