Arcade Longplay [634] Heavy Barrel -

Arcade Longplay [634] Heavy Barrel

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Played by: SCHLAUCHI

One of the early Data East classics! –
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  1. Best game ever i played 30years a go 🤩🤩🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  2. same company who made midnight resistance
    look so familiar

  3. Tips:
    – DON'T spend the ammo (flamethrower and spread shot) like a "cowboy".
    – DON'T waste the keys like wild. Save it to get the super weapon.
    – Use the "Red Grenades". They're powerful.

  4. I remember playing this game at the local supermarket near my middle school after classes. With just one $0.25 I can beat the game. I figured it was best to complete the heavy barrel super-gun just before the final boss.

  5. Played it recently on some ghetto handheld

  6. 5:00 lol eat your heart out neo contra. I may actually buy the data east mini thanks to this video.

  7. I could 1 credit this, no hit, no lives lost …. fav game

  8. I would no-death finish this game between classes at the campus game room every day, drew a crowd every time. 😀 Good times! This and Blasteroids were my favorites that year.

  9. I always felt like this was better than Smash TV and it came before it.

  10. What I'm hearing is, "Ugh! Ugh! Fap! Fap! Ugh! Fap!" Love the hell outta this game.

  11. The first QuikTrip gas station in Wichita KS had this when I was a kid, next to High Speed pinball. So rad.

  12. Heavy Barrel is legendary Data East Game with a vengeance
    Two Gungho Soldiers are sent on a mission to destroy the enemy rebel fighters
    On an enemy controlled island with Spectacular Boss battles
    Unleash the legendary Heavy Barrel and Furious firepower
    This is 2Fast 2Furious and entertaining shoot em up that is Fast and Furious

  13. I think this game is more complete than the midnight resistance.

  14. 8:03 if your like me and you just wanted to hear HEEEEAAAVVVYYY BARREL!!

  15. I'm sure all of us that have actually played this game can agree that there is no way this guy legit beat this game without getting hit once

  16. much harder when you don't take on the total business eh?

  17. I remeber playing this at my favorite pizza place..brings back old memories.

  18. That's some serious fire power ! This guy is just peppering these dudes.

  19. Data east made the best games in the late 80s

  20. This game was cool. To build the full weapon and then blew all away.

  21. Have this game but player won't turn different directions for some reason

  22. I remember the NES game, but I’ve never played this original arcade version. The NES version was solid, but a great game. I played the NES version of “Heavy Barrel” and it was a fun game.

  23. I played this game so much back in the day i use to beat it like a stepchild.

  24. The good old days when you didn't need a story just a big gun and lots of enemies 😎

  25. Used to kill the end boss w the heavy every time. Good shit.

  26. Just a shame this guy didn't carry along a HEAVVYYYYYYY BARREL weapon to Midnight Resistance too

  27. I played this on the nes growing up as i kid i always thought the were originals but as i got older i realized all the games i ever played were ports from the arcades.

  28. This was one of the first games I beat. Got to a point I could beat it on 1 quarter.

  29. The nes port was the first game (i received two at the same time) i ever owned as a poor kid in the late 90's. The last boss is easier looking on the arcade version the NES those missiles are guided

  30. Wasting special ammo and not using grenades…new to the game?

  31. How did you change directions in this game?

  32. came in this 400 in 1 i got on amazon.. but its the nes port

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