Arcade Longplay [606] Karate Champ -

Arcade Longplay [606] Karate Champ

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Played by: SCHLAUCHI

One of the earliest fighting games! –
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  1. This is basically Ryu vs Ken. Ryu being in white and Ken being in red.

  2. My go to move used to be flipping over the opponent and then a full round house.

  3. Was there different versions of this game or something?

  4. A local gas station had this game back in '86. It really did influence and pioneer a lot of fighting games that followed. The first Street Fighter game was an upgrade in many ways of this. Of course the really good fighting games we still play this day came in the early 90s.

  5. Damn that snapping sound…it feels like i’ve been hit hehe

  6. 2 moves can take u through the entire game easily…first move: flip over opponent and do spinning reverse roundhouse kick and second move: block then full upper punch

  7. i come here because of angry video game nerd

  8. Best Fight game ever many many quarters and hours spent on this classic

  9. front snap kick is cheap in this game lol i used to get mad at the other player for using it

  10. game top, acordava no sabado de manhã é pegava meu paizinho jogando na sala, eu ficava horas vendo ele jogar, esse joguinho me lembra minha infancia….. parabens

  11. mostrei o video para ele, ele amou e vai comprar um arcade game retro kkkk

  12. I love this game so hard. Even more than the Kung Fu game. Keep trying to find an Arcade 1up version with another gave, Burger Time.

  13. One of the best fighting games of all time.
    Takes legit skill but easy enuff to get into..

    This dude can one punch a charging bull..
    You understand that is low tier superhero level right?

  14. I assume that this is the true pioneer of fighting games, right?

  15. The simplicity of this game is refreshing. I’d play this now if I could

  16. This is the perfect fighting game, if you want to improve your skills. You can’t button mash combos, hoping to land at least one hit. Instead, you have to wait for the right moment to strike.

  17. Intro music going into those buildings, sounds like the ice cream mean is coming down the street. I guess Covid killed that scene😞. Glad I got to experience it😁

  18. At some point and time that fella in the red should be tired of getting his butt kicked!

  19. 20:06 so, it's not a championship but a champion ship? He's going to be disappointed when he finds out that instead of competing he's going to be farting around a ship full of champions

  20. Legal (lembrar) essa época ja matei tanta aula pra jogar esse jogo trocava garrafa de bare pôr ficha

  21. Bloodsport brought me here. Wasn't born in 84, but I saw the movie in 1995 when I was 8 1/2

  22. I never could figure out how to play this game.

  23. Whenever I install MAME, the first thing I do is set up controls for two joysticks so I can play this.

  24. Well, you're the best. Around. Nothing's ever gonna take you down.

    Except possibly a bull.

  25. Plot Twist:

    Those two Karatekas are actually the Bad Dudes in their mid-teens, this game centers on how those two met.

  26. Name! Frank Dux, that's cool name like put up your dux right

  27. This game is why steert fighter a amazing fighting series exits

  28. The way the characters move, the fact you seem to hit each other full contact, and that you fight a bull, makes me belive this is bssed on kyokushin karate.

  29. I haven't played this game in at least thirty years.

  30. Now I know that this game was the inspiration for both Street Fighter & Mortal Kombat video game series.

  31. I spent a small fortune playing this at the local Bowling Alley back in the day.

  32. They used to have this machine in the arcade in my home town in the early 80s. Fisrt time I went to an arcade, I must have been like 6 years old. It left a lasting impression ;o)

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