Arcade Longplay [593] Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom -

Arcade Longplay [593] Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

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Played by: SCHLAUCHI

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  1. Aside from the eerie voice saying “Welcome!!” I couldn’t understand what the characters were saying. Like, props to them trying to add vocal dialogue but Berzerk did it better with the talking robots ordering each other to kill the humanoid……

  2. "Mola Ram Prepare to meet Kali IN HELL "

  3. i bought this machine for 500 about 20 years ago from the arcade near LACC, i was told it was donated and owned by steven spielberg, don't know if that was true or not but he said that after i paid for it

  4. 12:08 thru 12:17 Indiana Jones: Mola Ram….Prepare to meet Kali…… IN HELL !! Mola Ram: No! What are you doing, YOU FOOL ! NO !!!

  5. Anyone know how to get this to run on MAME? What is the best emulator

  6. I generally love the digitalized, text-to-speech voices in these old Atari games, but hoolyy shiiit
    , this game doesn't shut up

  7. I could never get THIS far as a kid… but my GOD, what a beautifully designed game!!

    Thanks for making me feel like a hero once again… if only 30+ years later. 🙂

  8. I totally remember when this was in arcades! I swear it was earlier then 87 though…. but I guess that seems about right

  9. Did they even test this speech synthesis? Almost nothing sounds like words.

  10. The person Who S saying KALI MAA IS AN INDIAN ACTOR "😊😄AMRISH PURI"

  11. Just to note… This is done through Mame and the Pokey sounds/effects sound awful compared to the real deal and they're still not emulated correctly either…

  12. 0:48 Bruh why does that voice sound like Sideshow bob moaning

  13. This game had amazing music. Atari System 1 games' music never fail to amaze me with its brilliant use of the YM2151 chip, even during the soundchip's literal introduction (Marble Madness). It's like Atari got their hands on the soundchip by Yamaha during production.

  14. I remember playing this game back at the local pizzeria. 30 some-odd years later I bought my own Indiana Jones arcade game. I've been trying for years to finish the game not knowing there is no ending!

  15. Sound effects brought to you by the Swedish Chef.

  16. Oh my Shiva! Oh my Shiva!! OH MY SHIVA!!! 🤣

  17. That’s an interesting way of rolling the score

  18. Funny how it seems like the voice lines are completely improvised by a very drunk voice actor.

  19. Is the game crashing in the last 2 minutes because there's nothing else to do

  20. You get all kinds of bonuses for destroying items or activating oil cans.

  21. It sounds like they're saying "Oh you Mudda Fucka" & "Gun get Me Sum Booty"

  22. The audio was mind blowing at the time but now it sounds like digitized cow dung.

  23. So….you got sunstroke and talked incomprensible shit throughout and then didn't even finish the game? Why did you fucking bother?

  24. I made it to the bonus stage and hoped the game would have a final ending. I died along the way. A parable of life.

  25. Hey @SCHLAUCHI , you could have whipped everything in the opening cave and in each temple room for some extra points, is there a reason you didn't. And why did you repeatedly die in the challenge round after about 23:11?

    I've played this game intermittently for 36 years and have only got to the rope bridge three times and to the challenge round once; my highest medium difficulty score is only 280,000 or so. Your run is amazing!

  26. Wow, I actually didn't know the NES game was a port.

  27. I love this game and i still play it. Incredible sound effects and music for its time. Ahead of the curve really.

  28. A Sega Genesis port of this game should’ve happened

  29. I did finish this when I was 11 or so. Only reason I replayed it and spent another $50 is because of the replay value. I was too young to understand it was impossible to finish.

  30. digitized voice and some sound effects sound exactly the same as gauntlet. must be same company.

  31. u freed all the slaves and nade it ti tge famous wooden bridgle where i took my sword and hacked the bridge in two and everyone fell except jones. now they have me on a wild goose chase on chasing gold statues but no matter how many i get it just keeps repeating itself. on easy level. am i missin something?

  32. The first use of exploding barrels in a video game?

    Some people claim it was Donkey Kong, but they don't actually explode in that, they just catch fire. But they clearly explode here.

  33. This game, stars wars where U destroy the death Star and dragons lair were the staple games we played in the early 80s until double dragon and street fighter 2 hit the arcades late 80s.

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