Arcade Longplay [506] Elevator Action -

Arcade Longplay [506] Elevator Action

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Played by: SCHLAUCHI

The game is endless, so i kill myself eventually! –
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  1. This guy was a murderer! The whole Adjustment Bureau behind him.

  2. 43:13
    – Man, I'm just sooo tired of waiting for that guy. I say we should go up and blast him.
    – Joey, patience is the name if this game. How many time have I told ya?
    – If I just go over there and catch the next elevator…
    – Joey, wait, he's coming down!
    – So tired…
    – JOEY!
    – Whu– (looks up) –OH MY GOD!!

  3. It's got elevators, it's got action, what more could a boy possibly want?

  4. Loved this game as a kid used to play it at show biz pizza all the time never made it to the bottom actually was a tough one miss the 80s

  5. Is this TAS? Some awfully lucky moves in there.

  6. I loved playing this and Im always hyped…

  7. I loved playing this and Im always hyped…

  8. I'd have been impressed if you hadn't used an invulnerability cheat.

  9. Pretty easy when bullet collision is off.

  10. Saludos desde chile
    Siempre estuvo ocupada esta maquina y si la pillabas libre jugabas y los mas grandes te la quitaban año 1984

  11. Can still remember this tune as clear as day, even after all these years

  12. I remember playing this, Bubble Bobble, Liquid Kids, Megaman: The Power Battle, and Galaga a lot on my dad's Window's 98 computer on Mame32 as a kid.

  13. why you ain't kicking them? That's the best and shooting the lights out…I loved doing that.hahaha

  14. Eis a Multa Governo Roberto Maluf 2021.Embasamento Legal, e Fundamento Juridico (elevadores contra a Lei da Gravidade (oitava série, escolas)

  15. I played this arcade at a Pizza Inn, in 1991!
    Didn't know it was an 80s game. Lol

  16. Y el final cual será solo paso 10 etapas y parece que es sin fin

  17. Eu com 13 anos se batia pra chegar na final hoje é jogo pra crianças de 6 anos kkkkk

  18. Enjoyed this game very much spent all my 10p on this lol, In my Top 10 Retro games

  19. This game isn't made to be finished when you were a kid.. they're meant to be finished when you're an adult, feeling nostalgic and then playing this again

  20. This agent man looks like Cody from The Rescuers Down Under.

  21. I used to play this on the original arcade machine and it costed me a LOT of my pocket money back in the days! Along with Kung Fu Master and 1942.

  22. I love how the person who wrote the music for this was really pushing the limits of what they could eek out with the 8 bit platform, right down to the vibrato.

  23. Not sure how but pretty sure player is using a cheat code of some kind. 20:29 low bullet passes clear through him before he jumps and he doesn't die. Slow down to .25 speed and see for yourself.

  24. I don’t know why but the music doesn’t fit with the game like it’s a beautiful tune playing over a literal secret agent having to get documents and kill other spies while trying to get to the basement floor

  25. anyone watching this video game this year 2021? i play this game when i was child:)

  26. Ah the many long hours me and my friends spent playing this at the arcade. You know, you play and they watch, then they play and you watch. And there goes 2 hours. Great times!

  27. Ridicolous to jump over bullets and not having a chance to escape a dog close to you, but conceptually a splendid fun game.

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