Arcade Longplay [503] Berzerk -

Arcade Longplay [503] Berzerk

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Played by: SCHLAUCHI

The game is endless, so after i reach 10000 points i kill myself!


  1. Just turn on … Le Castle Vania – The Red Circle

  2. Typical Atari eighties game, i recognize the typical cover box art. The font, E.T. and all Combat etc. The joysticks, the sad sticks, they broke rather easily, got worn down. Maze Craze i missed the box for. A couple of them i just had the cartridge for and not a full game without the box. Still they have been all trashed a long time ago, or where did they all go. Beats me.

  3. I wasn't expecting that voice to come out of the silence. It almost gave me a heart attack!

  4. Loved this game in the arcade. The graphics, sound, and concept, even though simple, had a purity and clean look that made it stand out. Something about it made it seem more futuristic at the time than other games. I think it still holds up really well today.

  5. robots: fucking Otto, man… always showing up too late. Management should fire his lazy ass.

  6. Vídeojuego maldito q causo muerte a sus jugadores por superar los puntajes altos

  7. Walking into an arcade was like walking into a symphony for me back in 1981, when I was seven. The sounds were captivating.

  8. Fake Political Commercials By DeadSlash says:

    I am old enough to have played this in the arcade, but I was too young to be good.

  9. This game gave me an adrenaline rush as a kid…some how it captured my mind inside this game…this and gorf..the sounds and voices.

  10. Wow watching this made me feel sick… wtf

  11. The bad guys sound like the Cylons from classic BSG.

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