Arcade Longplay [477] Golden Axe -

Arcade Longplay [477] Golden Axe

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Played by: SCHLAUCHI

Much better quality recording than the currently existing one!
I played with all 3 characters:
00:00 Ax Battler
16:22 Tyris Flare
31:21 Gilius Thunderhead –
Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!


  1. This game was magical for me, even the soundtrack is magic

  2. I am surprised that nobody is mentioning the fact you didn't show us the female character's top special move!!! Why??? By the way it's a giant dragon burning and killing everyone

  3. I've never seen that damage type (Magic) on the Knight (Stage 5); was that actually on the Arcade?

  4. I was better than this. Never used super powers, this one never used impaling jump, and I invented combo that includes twist instead of leg kick.

  5. why's the american one shorter than the japanese one? there are more stages. entering the gates after rescuing the royals.

  6. Extraño los 90's…que feliz era en esa epoca

  7. Ax=Battler – His mother was killed by Death=adder
    Tyris=Flare – Her father and mother were killed by Death=adder
    Gilius=Thunderhead – His brother was killed by Death=adder
    Death=adder – WTF is up with all the = signs bruh???

  8. You sure this is a Barbarian and not a Caveman? Look at his posture and how he walks. Clearly caveman style!

  9. My favorite character in this VG (video game) was; the scarlet (red) knight, it kinda reminds me of 'Blackstar's' white knight. The trouble is; the white knight has a pair of scarlet 😈 demon 👿 🎷 horns, instead of a gold 😇halo👼 he/she's suppose to have.

  10. I spent my days after school at the local game room until beat the game! Classic!

  11. Spent all my quarters on this game😭😭😭 I probably be rich if I had kept the money 😩😭😂

  12. If you notice carefully then You can find that Death Screams of Male enemies are taken from Stallone First Blood Movie. One scream is that when Rambo through a stone to chopper and Cop fell and along the way he screams. And 2nd scream is taken when Rambo hurts a cop in jungle using traps.

  13. Cara esse jogo é muito mais insano que o dos consoles

  14. Oh God scream is from Rambo First Blood movie

  15. I had the Genesis port, which was really cool, and this arcade version doesn't stand out too much from it, but that ending where the characters bust out of the arcade cabinet, run out of the arcade and into the city was rather unpredictable and awkward.

  16. winners dont do drugs? why the hell is that in a video game

  17. fond memories of my stepdad coming with my and taking me to the arcade on our first holiday to drop some pesetas in 90s spain.. he's an old man in two week. where does time go. classic game.

  18. 80's arcade game's music and gameplay is the OG of ASMR.

  19. the song when they show the map is just hypnotic

  20. The good old days when I finished the game with one credit and 6 kids where standing aside me in awe…. Best game ever

  21. So the make it clear… The death screams are samples taken from the movies Rambo 1, Commando and Conan the Barbarian….. Thanks 🇯🇵

  22. spent way too much money on this game and alien vs. predator at my local arcade as a kid. Good times

  23. The opening screen reminds me of a Chinese buffet for some reason.

  24. Wait what? After saving the king and queen there is an extra level with the true boss! Where is that? Maybe it's only if you play 2 players, like Bubble Bobble?

  25. 🤢🥶🤢🥶😵🤮🧠🤮🧠👈👿😵🦷🤢👿👎🧠💀🤮🧠🤐🤬🧠🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤢👿🤢🥶🤢👿😵🤮😵🤮😵😈🤐😈🤐🥶😵🤢🦷🥶😵🧠🤮👈🤮🤢👿🤢👿🤢🤬🤢🤬🤢🤬🤢🤬🤢🤬🤢

  26. When I was a kid, I remember my dad going down to the 7-11 to play this constantly. I mean, my mom would send him down for milk and eggs or whatever, then he would be gone for hours and hours. She would have to drag him away from the game and he would have usually spent the money she gave him too on this damn game. As time went by, things got worse and worse, and he actually started to Cosplay or whatever its called in respect to the barbarian in the game.

    He dressed up like him in the blue codpiece, and started to carry a sword everywhere he went. He would make mom or me play "Alex" and we would walk across the lawn, and then have to ask him to revenge us or something like that.

    The final straw was when he took all of my mom's vases and threw them up in the air trying to do the magic thing. My mom took me and the cat and we went to live with her mom until I was 18 or so. I know my dad was in and out of mental institutions during that time period, but he eventually stabilized and only does this sort of stuff to a lesser degree now. I still haven't seen him.

  27. Eu zerava de perfect 261 sem perder um um quadradinho.

  28. I came of age playing the original arcade Space Invaders.

    Somehow Golden Axe no longer looks as amazing as how I remember it.

  29. Never get tired of that "Ah, Gawd!" death scream

  30. This reminds me of weeks spent at my grandparents caravan on the east coast of England in the late 80s n early 90s. There was a camp shop, and it had an arcade room at the entrance and as soon as you got within 20 feet of the entrance you would hear golden axe lol. Man, I'd spend the whole day in there playing this, double dragon, ninja turtles, rampage, moonwalker, after burner, and streets of rage. Every morning my nan would give me £5 and I'd end up using it all. The arcade machines was 10p a go back then. Although I think after burner may have been either 20p or 50p a play. Good times.

  31. There is NO way that Genesis could "miss" those grunts (grunt)

  32. This game was at the Carnival Grocery store I begged my mom for a few quarters every time we went lol. Good times ♡

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