Arcade Longplay [469] Gyruss -

Arcade Longplay [469] Gyruss

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Played by: SCHLAUCHI

The game is endless, so i kill myself eventually! –
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  1. awesome game clocked the game for 2hours. when I was 13.

  2. Can't beat a bit of 8 bit stereo!

  3. The entire solar system is being attacked by the vicious Gyrusians, and it's up to you to save the day! You will need to fly your spaceship to each of the nine planets and then clear three stages of enemies to rid that planet of the Gyrusians. You start the game with a single cannon, but can gain a double cannon after shooting a power up satellite. After clearing each planet, there is another bonus stage where additional weapons and bonus points can be collected. Gyruss is an arcade action shooter, however instead of piloting your spaceship horizontally or vertically, you move in a circle around the perimeter of the screen. The NES version of Gyruss adds to the original arcade version additional music, additional weapons, new enemies, and a large boss at the end of each level. Gyruss was remade for the Family Computer Disk System in Japan, and later the Nintendo Entertainment System in North America, released by Konami's subsidiary Ultra Games. These versions include several major revisions.

    The player can use a super phaser attack in addition to the normal guns, which cost energy
    There are additional enemies, including boss fights when the player reaches each planet
    Bonus stages after each planet's boss is defeated, for a chance to gain additional powerups
    There is a definite ending to the game. In the NES version, it's a brief text about the Universe being at peace. In the FDS version, there is a full ending sequence with credits.
    In addition to the satellites providing the usual double guns and bonus points, they can also provide extra phasers, a smart bomb, and even an extra life
    Instead of the arcade's 24 stages, there are 39, including Venus, Mercury, and the Sun.
    The player can enter the Konami code at the title screen for extra lives, but it must be entered in reverse (A-B-A-B-right-left-right-left-down-down-up-up).

  4. Back when a roll of quarters could buy something good

  5. Hm and the Makers was were ahead in time no Pluto but Pluto was in this Time in our sun system

  6. Quite a feat for the time! For a game from 1983 it has held up with age! Amazing graphics and ESPECIALLY amazing music.

  7. sorry guys, i use to wire all your games 1981, take the rivet out where you put your coin in, then feed number 6 wire into the hole where i pulled out the rivet, 99 credits every time

  8. It felt like high-pressure 3D space invaders! With excellent music, of course!

  9. This game absolutely amazed when I was a kid. The graphics and music was just out of this world.


  11. Perfect play! I played it original in the 80s, and even at my Atari homecomputer I never made it to earth. Finally I know it really exists. Thanks for sharing!

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