Arcade Longplay [355] Donkey Kong Jr. -

Arcade Longplay [355] Donkey Kong Jr.

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Played by: Kage Negra

This is the alternate arcade version of Donkey Kong Jr. Instead of skipping around having to beat Mario over and over to beat all levels. You go through all four levels in one shot. Disclaimer: Most videos recorded by World of Longplays have been created with the help of SaveStates!


  1. I remember beating this game like 30 years ago.

  2. "Mario's" contraptions sure does look like……….

    WARIO WARE. Pauline must be proud of him…….

  3. Donkey kong jr is actually stronger than donkey kong

  4. I like how to beginning is playing Toccata and fugue

  5. was this based off of "son of kong" like how donkey kong was based off of king kong?

  6. Mario the good guy in his franchise and the neatural character in this game.

  7. 0:010:05 – I didn't get it. Why is the longplay called in the video as Vulgus, but in the title and description of the video as "Donkey Kong Jr."?

  8. i have a game boy but its more of a modern ones

  9. I never realized Mario was in the mafia

  10. If you want to play game without advertisement turn off internet while playing

  11. On stage 2 that pully mechanism on the right we used to think it was a mastache guy wearing a hat and tried to grab him 🤣🤣

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