Arcade Longplay [291] Puzzle Bobble -

Arcade Longplay [291] Puzzle Bobble

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Played by: SCHLAUCHI

Here it is, the original that spawned hundreds of clones! Disclaimer: Most videos recorded by World of Longplays have been created with the help of SaveStates!


  1. I think I remember this by "Bust-a-Groove" when I played it in the US, or did that name come later?

  2. We had a Puzzle Bobble video machine at St Anne's college Oxford. @devereuxmatthew

  3. me and my grandma always use this game to settle who gets to play the playstation.. oh man how i miss the memories

  4. They ripped off snood !

    Jk I know puzzle bobble was the original

  5. Wish taito make a new game of this and for switch port including physical release..

  6. Solo escuchar esa musica lloro de felicidad,,,querida infanciaaaa ❤❤

  7. Cuando jugaba ese juego puzzle era muy complicado no pueda elegir los colores distintas versiones pero un gran juego

  8. I was fat American kid sitting on a Korean bath house seat squatting at ground level 100 won arcade machine lmfao oh the nostalgia~~ in Songtan, S. Korea.

  9. Yo también fui campeón Provincial del puzzle booble en los 90

  10. Ok but wasn’t there also a version with different characters you could choose from? I remember choosing these girl characters or something. Like each round was a different character? I may be wrong. But I remember other characters in this game!!!! Help me out if you can!!!

  11. Idk why but the stage ost kinda reminds me of the file select from sonic 3

  12. I used to play this game as a kid whenever I spotted an arcade game with it whenever I went to a diner, the play area at the children's hospital and even the arcades themselves

  13. I remember going to a really cheap diner where this was in the playground section, the sound effects are giving me nostalgic memories.

  14. I could listen the background music for hours

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