Arcade Longplay [291] Puzzle Bobble -

Arcade Longplay [291] Puzzle Bobble

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Played by: SCHLAUCHI

Here it is, the original that spawned hundreds of clones! Disclaimer: Most videos recorded by World of Longplays have been created with the help of SaveStates!


  1. I remember my father playing this game frequently. My father passed away some years ago. You miss me dad so much. I would give everything just to say you how much I love you.

  2. One of the happiest moment of my childhood was when i played Puzzle Bobble in my uncle's arcade saloon

  3. OMFG🤩This brings so much memories as kid

  4. The eagerness of creating a chain of bubbles with the intention to collapse it at the base later, only to realize in dread that you've blocked off your own firing ability with said chain before you can do so.

    Nostalgia, man.

  5. I actually remembered seeing this in a local fast food restaurant were it comes with 4 in 1 arcade games

  6. Holy shit, i remember playing that game altough it wasnt on arcade

  7. The music during gameplay reminds me of Under The Sea from the Little Mermaid.

  8. I can't believe how many clones there are of this game…

  9. I feel like crying listening to this cute song. I used to have so much fun playing this as a kid. Wish i could go back in time… 💔

  10. As a real gamer I play this shit on my Samsung refrigerator all the time

  11. Used to play this game in Grade 9 on lunch break at place called "China Buffet King"
    they would have this game and one of the X-Men games either X-Men vs. Street Fighter
    or X-Men vs. Capcom can't remember. Every time I play this game or one of those X-Men
    games it's like I take a Hot Tub Time Machine back to that restaurant.

  12. I now realize that the squares of the background are super-useful to take aim, I spent so many cash in this game ahah

  13. Nostalgia hits me just watching this guy play arcade games

  14. One of the few arcade games to outlast the death of arcades, alongside Golden Tee, Cruis'n USA, and that Terminator Salvation game no one played.

  15. 2021 listening the music 😁 remembering the late 90s

  16. Everytime I'm bored at work I start singing this song.

  17. Numerous clones of Puzzle Bobble are infinite and mixed.

  18. I just remembered this game. It's my mom's favorite, I'm installing it right now on my computer, she will be happy

  19. I could listen the background music for hours

  20. I remember going to a really cheap diner where this was in the playground section, the sound effects are giving me nostalgic memories.

  21. I used to play this game as a kid whenever I spotted an arcade game with it whenever I went to a diner, the play area at the children's hospital and even the arcades themselves

  22. Idk why but the stage ost kinda reminds me of the file select from sonic 3

  23. Ok but wasn’t there also a version with different characters you could choose from? I remember choosing these girl characters or something. Like each round was a different character? I may be wrong. But I remember other characters in this game!!!! Help me out if you can!!!

  24. Yo también fui campeón Provincial del puzzle booble en los 90

  25. I was fat American kid sitting on a Korean bath house seat squatting at ground level 100 won arcade machine lmfao oh the nostalgia~~ in Songtan, S. Korea.

  26. Cuando jugaba ese juego puzzle era muy complicado no pueda elegir los colores distintas versiones pero un gran juego

  27. Solo escuchar esa musica lloro de felicidad,,,querida infanciaaaa ❤❤

  28. Wish taito make a new game of this and for switch port including physical release..

  29. They ripped off snood !

    Jk I know puzzle bobble was the original

  30. me and my grandma always use this game to settle who gets to play the playstation.. oh man how i miss the memories

  31. We had a Puzzle Bobble video machine at St Anne's college Oxford. @devereuxmatthew

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