Arcade Longplay [264] Superman -

Arcade Longplay [264] Superman

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a mediocre Superman game!
Compared to other Superman games this Taito release isnt too bad overall 🙂 Disclaimer: Most videos recorded by World of Longplays have been created with the help of SaveStates!


  1. How good is that synthesiser for the superman track🎛👌

  2. Zuntata did tremendous work on Taito game soundtracks, this wonderful game included.

  3. So what was the story In this game? Who was the main bad guy?

  4. I remember playing this game at Godfather's Pizza when I was like 8.

  5. And people say there aren't any good Superman games. This was the best one.

  6. "It's a shame that this was never available on Xbox or PlayStation platforms..this game was fun back in the days"

  7. Back then it was important every action game had at least a 2-player Simultaneous option, sometimes this looked plain silly when the game is based on a supposedly lone hero, like Superman, Robocop, Rambo III, etc.

  8. The good old days know games are too Advance for me I feel like a dinosaur iam 45 years old I Used to play this after school before I got home so sad if I hit the lottery I’m finding this game and put it in my living room for sure 🤙🏻😉

  9. Amazing! May have the developers of this game been influenced by the Video game action scene in Superman 3?

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