Arcade Longplay [244] WWF Wrestlefest -

Arcade Longplay [244] WWF Wrestlefest

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Played by: JagOfTroy

Very nostalgic arcade game that robbed me of many quarters.
Another great four-player game that featured the classic wrestlers from WWF.
If you see my energy levels mysteriously returning to full, it’s because using another credit replenishes it which you pretty much have to do in order to beat the game since you don’t get enough back after each match.
Royal Rumble is saved for the end of the video.


  1. this garbage must be the forefather of the best wrestling game ever created: the 1992 edition of Wrestlemania

  2. I love ❤️ this game. I’m 41. I’m miss being 10-13 years old

  3. awesome game one of my faves. could never complete the game on one cred tho lol

  4. This is better then watching wwe. Last good show they put on was wrestlemania in 2012.

  5. Damn the demolition nearly beat you! Great come back win!

  6. I only played this once in arcades when I was a kid. Never got very far in the game, but I would love to play it again. Wrestlefest was so much fun. I understood what Animal said. But couldn't make out what Hawk was saying for the most part, other than him suddenly yelling "YEAAAAH!!!"

  7. I wish that they would release both this game & WWF Superstars in a bundle via Playstation Store, Nintendo eShop & Steam. I really really miss playing those games.

  8. I always thought 💭 it was so funny how the character would hold his stomach when he was "weak"; it was like the character didn't eat in a "week!"

  9. I still can't bring myself to call it "WWE". Its always gonna be WWF to me.

  10. I played the Royal Rumble mode all the time. This, TNMT, Street Fighter II, and Double Dragon damn good time in the arcade as a kid.

  11. This game use to be in all the pizza huts back in the day.

  12. The best team was Ted DiBiase in ultimate warrior when you had Ted DiBiase in your opponent tried to get up you run and knee them real fast or ultimate warrior clothesline them every time they try to get up you can beat them all day long

  13. That's probably the best bump Hogan ever took in his whole life!

  14. This was my 2 hour occupation at the laundry mat as a kid 😄😂😄😂

  15. back when people didnt think video games were a life or a career and graphics like these back then were good.

  16. does this guy know any other move besides a body slam? one move wonder

  17. 30th Anniversary of WWF/WWE Wrestlefest (1991-2021)

  18. Did the person playing this not know about warriors unblockable flying shoulder tackle?

  19. I loved this game..I useto have a pocket full of quarters and go up the street to the liquor store/market and play this till my pockets were empty…good times😌

  20. This has to be a game Jake The 🐍nake never won this

  21. One of the best the Arcade had to offer in the early 90's. Great memories.

  22. If anyone ever gave a snap mare to earthquake in real life there’s no wwf match topping that moment

  23. Why was Bret heart not on this game again

  24. You don't know what terror was until you were an 8 year old kid and earthquake was doing the jumping around special move and you knew you'd soon be dead with no quarters left.

  25. wow I totally forgot about this game. I remember playing this in the arcade

  26. Watch out for Jake's crack pipe slam 🐍 And Hawk's bottle buster 🍻

  27. This is so great. We love playing this game and having fun with it. Great roster, great game, just so much fun. For all the poor WWF games that were out there, at least we know we will always have this one to look back on with fond memories.

  28. I spent hundreds of dollars as a kid on this game

  29. You dont even know how to play you take about 20 chances to won all those games come on

  30. At a store downtown, mom gave me change to refill the meter. I walked past a store with arcade machines and this was one of them. Let's just say mom ended up with a parking ticket, and it was worth it. LOL.

  31. I would have ditched Crush for Ax; added Macho King Randy Savage, Dusty Rhodes and Maybe Texas Tornado Kerry con Erich; since he was having a succesful run at the time for a 15 man roster.

  32. Dang, I sucked at this game. I wasn't sure if everything was just random but loved it.

  33. This is the best wrestling game of all time.

  34. BEST wrestling game of all time!! We need a remake and a port!!

  35. Wow, they used Mike McGuirk instead of the Fink

  36. Brings back memories of impossibly difficult arcade games for that would eat your quarters.

  37. Hey it's Alex Wright the German…'s time for spinning side kick and top turnbuckle dropkick.

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